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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update for the month

I was trying to get in at least one post for the month, and blogger has been playing spoilsport all morning and not even letting me access my blog !!

Well, it relented at the end of the day and here I am, so here's a short update from me :).

  • D and S got back from Chennai safe and sound, or nearly so. They had a HOT holiday but don't think they felt the heat all that much, that's only for us adults to complain about ;).
  • I've been busssy trying to figure out some work-from-home arrangements, doing some content writing for here and there, and trying to work out that fine balance to see how much time I can/should actually put into it :).
  • My plants are doing well.. some of them more than others - I lost some of them to heat and insects and such, but it stays fun and informative as ever. The mullu kathirikai (thorny brinjal) the most interesting one at the moment:

  • Not done much baking in the last month, but suddenly the enthusiasm siezed me and I made my brownies from my older recipe, for the first time with walnuts. And I atlast understood why that recipe feels over-sweet without the walnuts :). Still had walnuts left over, so made banana walnut muffins from the recipe here. The batter quantity was too much for my 12 cup tray though so I had to bake a second lot with all the types of containers I could find (yes that's a steel cup at the far end too!).

And a wonderful highlight of the month has been to meet fellow bloggers Aparna and Uma, whom I'm meeting for the first time "in person". It was great, and we felt as if we had known each other for ever :). Hope to be able to do it again sometime soon.

And that's pretty much it :). Next big activity involves jumping back into the school schedules next month. Hopefully more frequent updates coming up then.