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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Siblings - lessons on love and rivalry

I am an only child and I learn something new about siblings everyday :). Just some random thoughts and memories -
  • Leave D & S in the same room for more than 2 minutes and you will hear loud incessant giggling and nearly immediately afterwards crying or shouting from one of them with a follow-up complaint of "He did .." or "She did.. ".
  • S loves to go and fall all over D wherever she's sitting. Sometimes she's also in a tumbly mood and this leads to a lot of gymnastics all over our living room. Other times she's not so co-operative as she's more interested in what's on TV, and then the fireworks begin!
Though it seems like they're fighting nearly all the time, they remind me of the bond they share at times like
  • when I scold D for something and S pipes up with : "Why you tell Damita that?" or
  • when S falls and starts crying and D reaches him even before I do!


  1. While reading your blog I started seeing my childhood and mischief me n my younger sis use to do... I was dreaming for nearly 5 mins.....

    1. So sweet of you to read my older posts SohNi, and I'm so glad to bring back your memories :)