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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sunny spaces, here I come!

I have been following My Sunny Balcony on Facebook for quite a while and drooling over their products. So finally I got in touch with them a couple of months back, and after a site visit and many to and fro discussions finally got some of their range :).

I have a bright niche under a window with a wall recently painted orange, and they suggested some blue coloured terracotta pots here. I loved the plant choices that they suggested too! I took so long to get to this post, as I was trying to clean those pebbles (already there in the space earlier) and put them back for the photo ;).

Some bright coloured terracotta urns on my terrace with flowering plants and aromatics (bit of a rant on the aromatics coming later).

These very cute cups and saucers with indoor plants

I was very keen on a cactus or succulent which I thought would come as part of the cups and saucers but didn't, so I am very proud of procuring and potting this one myself :). For as long as it lasts, but atleast I got a photo while it's still healthy!

And of course the wooden crate which is doing quite nicely planted with my current crop :). That's Avarakkai, Beans, Radish (2 different batches) in the first row and coriander and radish in the second. Still waiting for thyme and mint(2nd row left) to sprout enthusiastically.

I also got some flowering creepers which are supposed to go up a metal pergola on my terrace, but those are quite small at the moment. Also figuring out some pest problems with one of them so fingers crossed regarding that.

A short review:
Overall, I am quite happy with the experience. Their products are beautiful and looked as promised, but  where the plants were concerned I felt there were a few gaps in communication. I was not told about the non-availability of something until I asked for the names of the plants. Some of it could have been as I am a total novice when it comes to stuff like identifying herbs, but still as a customer I was a bit taken aback. When told the herbs in the pot were English Basil and possibly Rosemary I just took it at that. To find later that these are Maruga and Davana (when I tried to recheck with them) was a bit of a disappointment, but I shouldn't be snooty I guess ;). Twas just the enthusiasm of using rosemary from my own garden that was dampened, now I have to go look for a plant somewhere!

I'm sure there will always be a few hiccups in any customer experience, but as long as you feel there is a reasonable follow-up that makes it much better. It was nice that when I was in this panicky state of wondering if the crate has enough drainage, and the issues with the Thunbergia(one of the flowering creepers), I was able to talk to one of them and get things cleared up.


  1. drooling over the pots, urns and the cute cute cups-saucers!
    am really proud of your achievement on nurturing your green thumb. The plants look so well-maintained and cared for. Kudos to you, lady!

    1. Thanks Uma :). I am hoping all the stuff looks the same after a few months too - always very paranoid about over-watering or under-watering, but hopefully I'm learning a little and improving along the way!

  2. wow aparna, your garden and garden nooks look so amazing!! I am so J!!! It looks very very zen and peaceful too. Where did u get all those pots and urns? They are gorgeous.
    I am getting inspired to have a home garden now. Do u think its doable in a not-so-large living and dining space and 1 tiny balcony which is full of cycles, scooters and old newspapers? :(

    1. Thanks Aparna - I'm glad something looks peaceful in my high-tempered household ;). Maybe it'll calm me down a little too.. I guess the gardening in general is definitely helping a bit!

      I'm a big fan of indoor plants - just have never found the right kind and usually keep killing everything off so have to take them outside anyway :(. Will send you the list of ones that MSB has given me - they are supposed to do good indoors. Their USP is balconies and small spaces - go see their website for a look at all their products - - they deliver their products if I understand right. You might find some local options too I guess.

      Another tip for indoor plants that I learnt recently and not yet implemented - crotons are very good for purifying the indoor air. Once they have lost their colourful look and turned green (meaning they have been hard at work!) they need to be kept in the sun for some time before moving back in.

  3. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Hi Aparna,

    Your Balcony is realy looking gr8.Even i have been following my sunny balcony team in the facebook.But never tried becoz i have very small balcony and my plants keeps dying,which really scares me.

    I think they are bit expensive if they have to do a whole balcony and if the plants die you will very bad.

    So still thinking whether to try or not.


  4. Where did u get that wooden crate.. how much did it cost..??

    1. Thanks for dropping in :) ! The crate was from My Sunny Balcony and if I remember right cost about 1900 at the time I got it which was a few months ago.

  5. Oooh - I loved seeing your super duper balcony - the blue and orange go so well together!

  6. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Hi aparana ...

    Do check out the plants that NASA has listed bthe best indoor plats for filtering and purifying air ... very inetersting ...

  7. Hi Aparna, I'm new here...just wanted to know if your cup holding the succulent has a hole for drainage. I have a few of my favourite cups that have chipped at the rim & would like to grow something in it, but not sure how to provide for drainage. Will it do to just water the plant in a limited manner so it doesn't collect at the bottom?

    1. hi Mini, Welcome and thanks for dropping in :).
      Yes, the cups do have a hole for drainage already but you can make do without it especially for an indoor plant. Would be good enough for most plants to just water limitedly instead!
      Happy growing!

  8. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Wish my mom was as creative as u all are.

  9. It all looks gorgeous! I had been researching about MSB, and landed up at your place! I have small balconies, and was wondering what I could do. Will be paying MSB a visit soon :)

  10. Hey aparna,
    I m new to gardening. Can u help me grow lavender. I have the seeds but i m not able to sprout it.

  11. Hey Aparna,
    How much did they charge for the complete makeover?