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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Holiday time!

September has been a very slow month for me on the blog mainly because of some work going on at my home. Even though it involved only a "little" woodwork and painting of the interiors - it seems to have evolved into this large exercise with me learning a lot about the nitty-gritties of carpentry/woodwork/polishing/painting :). And thanks to this, I hardly spend any time online, or have the enthusiasm to blog about anything except for this topic!

We started with grand ideas of taking it 2 rooms at a time so we could keep the rest of the house free and usable, but when there are 3 separate gangs of workmen - carpenters, polishers, painters - one of them would have finished the given 2 rooms and moved on to the next lot, while the others would have just started on the aforementioned 2 rooms - and where does that leave all of us? Scrounging for a place to sit in our own house :(. Yes it was pretty bad especially this last week when everyone is trying to finish up and leave. Did not realize the polishing was such an elaborate and polluting exercise or would have gone for a ready-to-use option such as veneer, but that's just a learning for another time (which definitely won't be anytime soon!).

We're setting off on a holiday in a couple of days, and I have no clue how to start preparing for that with my mind still so full of the work details! Anyway I better get to it soon, otherwise it'll be time to leave and I won't have anything packed :O !! So this is bye from me until October with a more cheerful post to follow on our vacation :).

Happy Navaratri / Dussehra everyone!


  1. have a wonderful holiday! look fwd to a post and pics after u return! it looks like the break is well-deserved after all the work put into the house :)

  2. Have a gr8 time. Where are you off to? yes and pics please once u return...

  3. Thanks for the wishes!!!
    You earned it all Aps :-) !
    Where are you heading?
    Have a fun filled time and be safe!!!

  4. @Aparna, Uma, Sudha - Thank you :).

    We are off to Kerala, visiting relatives at different places for 3-4 days, and then chilling in Thekkady for the rest of the week :).

  5. Have an awesome holiday Aparna!! :) Click loads opf pictures!!

  6. Have a fun vacation, will look forward to your posts once you're back.. :-)

  7. @Simran - Thank you :) will be sure to do that. Only pics with relatives upto now, more of the scenery starting today!

    @AAD - Thanks so much! Will be back next week, the thing I'm missing the most is my laptop, don't like typing on the galaxy tab!

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    Enjoy your vacation

  9. Fun!!! Happy Dussehra and holidays to you and your family! I luv Kerala ! Have to do it sometime soon.


  10. @Baby Sebamed India - thanks for dropping in, checked out your FB page.

    @Sirisha - Thank you, and hope you're having a great holiday too :). Nice blog - more in your comments! You must visit Kerala .. lots of lovely options and each and every one is picturesque in a different way!