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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The rest of the Goa Holiday

Yes, I titled it before starting, am determined to finish it off in this one ;).

Day 3 started with a visit to the Pascoale Spice Village. It is not really a plantation, more a tourist attraction of organically grown spices as a demonstration. We also had an organic meal here.

Here's a feni making arrangement:

This gentleman very smilingly climbed the trees to demonstrate, he actually leaped from one tree to the next amidst our holding our breaths :).

The famed peri-peri chilly which is supposed to a be a super-spicy variety. We had a papad made with this chilly for lunch and boy, was it hot!! I couldn't even finish a half papad.

I also visited their nursery (of course!) and picked up a couple of plants there.

Drove around a bit in the afternoon, and decided to try an early dinner with some relaxed beers at Martin's Corner, but found that the place opened only by 6:30. So instead of twiddling our thumbs, we got the car washed at this quaintly situated car wash in the middle of nowhere, who did a very efficient job at Rs. 150!

Some lovely tilework outside Martin's Corner
Day 4 started with a visit to Ancestral Goa also known as BigFoot at Loutolim, Goa. It is a museum that has illustrations of life in Goa in the early days, and is very well organized with recorded audio guides for each exhibit. Here's D  posing pretty:

Lunch was at a well recommended restaurant called Fernando's Nostalgia that was also in Loutolim, and then back to the resort for our last evening in Goa.

Signing off with a photo at our resort beach on our last evening at Goa:


  1. Wow!! I am surprised yet happy that we have all this in our country..proud to be Indian..thanks for sharing

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    1. Thanks for dropping in Logan!