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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Baby talk

1. Literal translations like : "Mookku odaradu illaiya" (Nose is running!) this came out of S a few days back and I just had to laugh for the next 5 minutes! He's still reasonably bi-lingual and speaks both tamil and english though the tamil is getting quite a bit less since he's started school. Thank God for gems like this one - said in a sing-song tone like the way adults usually speak to children in :).

2. Conversation while watching TV and I was switching channels.
                  S: Don't change! I want "Running Running"!
                  Me: What is that Shehan?
                  S: Running Running uncles and aunties - this was referring to the new Docomo ad which is his favourite right now.
Running a close second is the Listerine/Colgate mouthwash ads - he tries to imitate the action of the guy's mouth with mouthwash in it.

3. D is very much into reading her TimeLife books. Suddenly she'll come up to me and say things like "Do you know Preying Mantises eat other insects?" Or "The Cheetah is the fastest animal" and I am just left in awe of the interests children have and the information they retain. I know in a few years when she has to actually "study" this stuff she might not be so interested any more :).

4. One of my earlier posts is about S first started saying "I lie you!". Now he's graduated to "I love you sooo much!" - this is also accompanied by a wonderfully plaintive tone of voice which can get him out of most tough situations :). I was so touched the first few times he said it to me only to be brought down to earth when he addressed a roadside dog when we were driving in the car and said "I love you soo much doggie!".

5. D telling me stuff like "Amma you look sooo nice" even at times when I know it's not very true and I just have to smile. I've lately been very upset by my hair falling, so she comes up with stuff like "Your hair is so long and nice ma, why do you feel bad about it!" :).


  1. Awww...just think how soon this cute phase will go away.....and then only bittersweet memories remain! Are the timelife series good, and she is reading them all by herself?

  2. Yes Aparna, I just keep feeling bad at having missed on writing down so many of these moments at this time of my daughter's childhood !
    The TimeLife series is really nice for young children - the knowledge series can be used even upto about 10 years i think by when kids will probably get all information online anyway :). I do read the books to her too as some of the words here and there might be tough for her, but she loves reading them herself as well especially the ones that are story-based.