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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Front seater Yayyy !

Story begins 5 years ago - we discover our dear daughter is terribly prone to being car-sick. I "graduate" to the back seat to be able to give her and myself more space to deal with it.

Fast-forward 3 years - my son enters the picture. Thankfully not much car-sick but my daughter still is, so the back seat becomes a place for children and me.

Fast-forward another 2 years - Damita is 5 and a half, getting better at handling car-sickness and Shehan is quite comfortable standing in the back of the car, but now both children want to ride in front with Appa! So it's usually me in the back with one of them, and the other in the front seat. I begin to wonder when I'll ever get out of this arrangement.

Till at last a couple of weeks ago, Amma said - both of you in the back seat, I want to sit with Appa :). And surprizingly it worked !! So Yayyy :).


  1. Congratulations!!! If they want to sit in front again, just tell them that YOU are car-sick and the front seat is the best for motion sickness :)

  2. least the car sickness is subsiding...... hmm.. may be get a car seat

  3. @Aparna - Thanks! Weirdly enough the front seat thing never worked for my daughter. Now she's an expert on throwing up into a bag so we survive :).

    @Garima - Yes really thankful about that - for her and my sake :). Car seat - I don't know - maybe becos it isn't compulsory here we didn't try hard enough - we gave up on it early as both kids used to bawl their heads off when left in one.