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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Emotional outpourings..

Most times when I sit to write something in this blog, I feel guilty that I'm probably writing more about my son (2 yrs 9 months) than about my daughter (5.5 yrs). When she was a toddler I hadn't yet discovered blogging as a regular experience and so it feels like many of those wonderful memories have become hazy :(. So it was a refreshing experience to sit down and write nearly entirely about her, for a short speech at her school's Parent's day on the 18th (That speech in my next post with the school's permission).

Everytime I try to practise actually speaking the words I have written, I feel so choked up with all the memories and to see where my baby of 2 yrs 5 mths when she entered the school has reached now! And this will be her final year at this Montessori school. Next year will be a whole different ball game starting with getting up really early, probably being out of home around 7 (now she goes to school at 9 :)) - not just for her but for me too of course! New environment, new teachers, new friends (hopefully lots of them!) - I can't believe I'm getting ready to send my baby off in a school bus all on her own maybe to a school that's 15 kms away, after ferrying her personally for the last three years to a school that's 5 minutes away from home.

I wish her all the best and hope her years at the "big" school will be as happy as the last three have been. May she conform just enough (because that's necessary too :)), but still retain the wonderful independent character she has developed :).


  1. Wow... Big School for the big girl. I can imagine it being a big milestone. I just choke up when V moves from one class to the next right now!!

  2. Thanks Garima! Yes it is such a big deal - from the admissions to hoping she'll cope well to the new environment - fingers permanently crossed :).

  3. Sudha Srinivasan9:59 AM

    I remember sending Shriya in the school bus and then driving to the school and secretly watching her get down safe there....
    Moms are moms....I know how nervous we can get....We will also grow up with them or atleast after they are grown up!!!!

  4. haha.. yes Sudha I know exactly what you mean :) Have been breaking our heads whether to send her by bus or to drop her ourselves.. if by bus I'm sure i'll be doing just as you did for the first few days!!