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Friday, December 03, 2010

Vroom Vroom ..!!!

Hyundai Verna... SX4... Alto.... Chevrolet Tavera... I20.. Maindra Xylo... All this said in a loud voice with hardly a second between names..

Yes we are on the road and S is reeling off the names.. Apparently this is a "thing" with boys and cars.. I hate to label my kids with gender-activities but this was definitely a big difference between my darling girl and dear boy!!! I have to identify a car for him all of twice for him to know it the next time.. the latest on his list is the Maruti Eeco..

It was after this that I actually learnt to identify the Hyundai I10 and I20 from the front.. :).. when it's so easy to read the name at the back anyway I never used to bother about what the cars actually looked like.. but I wondered at my two year old who cannot read and can maybe just about identify a logo or two figuring out so much and I felt great to see the world (or rather atleast cars) through his eyes :).

The wonderful experience of being surprized by what a child can do :)


  1. what is it with boys and cars? this one for sure is definitely a boy thing!! my son went thro this phase too when he was about two and used to embarrass me by asking me the make of all the cars we passed..

  2. Yes Aparna I am definitely in that same mode now :). And the title of the post was initially going to be "What is it with boys and cars?!" ;)