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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Road Rules 101

That's what a beginner course is called, and I wish this one was among the compulsory ones!

Caution: This is a major VENT.

Walking or driving around on the roads close to my home, it makes me really angry to see the way people walk/ride/drive around with no regard to others and it bothers me that this is the kind of road discipline they would be passing on to their children. So this is my small attempt to put these "Rules" out in the blogosphere and hope it reaches some of the people out there on the roads! Call me paranoid or over-protective of my children on the road but they will grow up being considerate of others on the road for sure :).

For Pedestrians:
  1. I had missed this one while writing the post originally but when I saw it this morning, I knew it deserved no. 1. Please do not talk on your mobile and cross the road - that is not the place for "Walk and talk" !!! Stop, talk and then cross. This is especially to a mom out there whom I saw pushing her baby in a stroller and talking on the mobile, and just walking across the road without even looking left or right :(.
  2. This is what I come across most times in a day -When walking with little children, PLEASE keep them on the side away from traffic i.e. closer to the side of the road. Small children have a way of darting here and there, and not all drivers are parents themselves and cautious about stuff like this. Plus I cannot see your 2 foot toddler when I am driving close to you!
  3. If you allow your children to play cricket/badminton/football in the middle of the road (even if this road is right outside your house, it doesn't make if your private playground!), then also teach them to watch out for oncoming vehicles.
  4. When crossing a road, especially a busy one, look at the traffic signal first. If it is GREEN for vehicles, even if you don't see a vehicle right next to you, there could be a speeding vehicle heading your way with the driver trying to make it through the green signal and not bothered about looking out for your life. Look out for it yourself!
  5. 4 of you walking together - please don't walk shoulder to shoulder on a road that measures 10 feet across!
  6. In general, when you hear a vehicle or atleast when you hear someone honking, look about - it just MIGHT be meant for you because you're walking in the middle of the road or crossing without looking first. Don't wait until the vehicle is really close to you and then look irritatedly at the driver like it's all his/her fault.

    For cyclists:
  1. When in the middle of traffic, don't just suddenly cut to the other side of the road and assume the drivers will all brake to avoid you. Look around, maybe even signal with your hand to make others behind you aware of what you are going to do.
  2. Before allowing your child to ride a cycle on their own on busy roads, follow them a few times without their knowledge to see how they behave when you are not around.
For Drivers:
  1. You're driving a car/2-wheeler on a narrow road and you see a group of parents/children on either side of the road not giving you way. Don't drive faster and then honk urgently to make them move out of the way - Slow down instead!!
  2. Don't drive like a maniac on residential roads then feel the urge to honk without reason every 10 metres - wake up - there are people actually living on either side!
  3. You're at a junction, or even just a crossroads. Slow down, maybe honk lightly to make others aware you're coming through. DON'T increase your speed and drive through please. Sometimes the shrubbery in Bangalore makes the visibility at these junctions really poor and someone could get hurt.
  4. Before parking your car please do think about the following:
                    a. Is it a corner - it completely blinds anyone trying to make a turn.
                    b. Is another vehicle parked on the other side of the road? Then check how much space you're leaving for other vehicles before deciding where to park.
                    c. Are you parked as much to the side of the road as possible? As most residential roads have just about 10 feet of space for vehicles to pass, it doesn't help if you take up 5 feet into the road, just because you're scared of parallel parking!

MOST OF ALL, let's not pass on this disregard for rules to our children. They will learn what they see, so please let's mind what they see and teach them to be safe rather than disrespectful.

Feel free to add more of your own :).

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