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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tech Savvy Generation..

When my husband got his iPhone a few weeks back, picture me - handling it gently and as reverently as possible - but the two youngest members of the household took to it so fast that I was a bit ashamed of my hesitation ! I have now stopped being surprized by the complete lack of fear/doubt in my children while adopting a new and unfamiliar technology.
Here goes trying to capture the tech-friendly activities of my household. For the record, Damita is 5 yrs 7 mths, and Shehan is 2 yrs 10 mths :).
  1. D's first exposure to chess will be on the iPhone! She's fascinated when her dad plays and I'm sure she'll get to it pretty soon. She also is quick to demonstrate to me how to get to some menu item or to play some game if I show the slightest hesitation on how to do it :).
  2. S who's not yet 3 can already unlock my Nokia phone and get to the music folder and play his favourite song. Of course this also means he unintentionally calls the first number on my phonebook sometimes ;). Am planning to store my home number under "AAAAA" so noone else will get bothered.
  3. D has been playing Bowling on the Nintendo Wii for a while now and with her example to follow even S can play on his own now. He can even serve the ball while playing tennis but obviously cannot follow through :). D is also quite good at other puzzle based games on the Wii.
  4. They are both completely unafraid to handle my laptop. Initially I was very thrilled with this, and thought I should not "limit" them in exploring new stuff, but when files started disappearing or shifting location this got a bit difficult so now they are allowed to play only with "their" laptop which is the kind meant for children to learn alphabets and number related activities.
  5. S has picked up alphabets and numbers all on his own because of "playing" with the above kiddie laptop!!
  6. D of course knows the numbers of all the TV channels she likes to watch, and now to my horror even switches channels during commercial breaks! But to my complete amazement I found that even S is now able to press a 3 digit channel number(on TataSky) to get to Pogo!!!
  7. When exposed to a Samsung Galaxy Tab for the first time, S was moving his fingers around the screen and manipulating the menu like he'd done it a million times before. I was of course holding my breath as it was someone else's and I get a bit paranoid about my kids breaking something, but everyone else was just fascinated.
Sure there's lots more to that list that I can't remember right now but I'll stop for now with this experience-

I'm sure all parents know how impossible it can be for adults to have a conversation when children are also around in the room, as they are impervious to what the adults are trying to say to each other, and will keep trying to have their word instead :) !! Well I've figured that one out atlast - all it needs is one iPhone and one Android phone in each one's hand and they're glued to the games, and we can have our chats more or less uninterrupted!!!


  1. Haha!! I will be the same as you are. Totally confused and looking at the new gadget with "OMG, I hope I dont break it!"

    I have been toying with idea of ITouch for V.... I know she will love it... but am not sure, I will be able to part with it!

  2. Same here Garima! I was teasing my husband that he has to get another iPhone as all of us love it so much so we were also thinking of iTouch! Do let me know how it goes if you get one :).

    Sometimes I tell the kids - it's amma's turn to play, go do something else ;)!!

  3. Thanks for the link Rohini! Looks interesting.. will have a better look tomorrow and ask hubby dear to download some of them.

    And also thanks for the note on Kindle - ease of procuring the e-books is a big criterion for me - so that's definitely of interest. I didn't know that Amazon charged for roaming - for the books it's usually only the shipping charges that are different, so this is a surprize to know.

  4. Tech savvy generation is right!
    These are my two techies-in-the-making :)

  5. Yes Arvind, that looks like a familiar sight at our home too, with the iphone instead of ipad. Still remember the first time I saw the iPhone - saw that slide unlocking and was hesitating to put my finger on it, when my daughter who had already been playing with it, thought I needed direction and demonstrated how !!
    They are so going to surpass us and so very soon :) !