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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Green Photos :)

Ok anyone reading my blog please brace yourself.. lots of plant photos at various stages are going to be put up from time to time! Some are a repeat from FB too I'm sorry but more stories here of course ;)

I'm finding when I browse the net that photos at early stages of plants are not very plentiful ! So I thought atleast for my memories I need to maintain these :).

Cucumber at 11 days - this is one of the seeds that seemed to take a long time to come out of the soil. I was nearly on the verge of rummaging through the soil to check if the seed was rotted or something and it slowly started peeking out :). Bitter Gourd is taking even longer, and is not even in photographable stage yet ;).
 Karamani (Long Beans) at 11 days - these were one of the quickest to germinate. In fact have plucked out quite a few since even an old set of seeds germinated very well. Might have to remove even more as the plants are supposed to be very bushy and large and won't fit into one pot :(.
 Palak/Spinach at 11 days - Another of those super germinators. I was very proud of my lines of planting the seeds, but I find such a crowd of seedlings now that it again needs to be spaced out. Will removed a few in a few day and hopefully will be able to use in a salad atleast at that stage :).
Radish at 16 days - They are supposed to be harvestable in about a month, so I'm really looking forward to pulling the first one out on 19th Feb to check :).
Coriander at 16 days - the seeds were ones from my kitchen and took quite a while to sprout so I was wondering if something would come up, but once they started peeking out they've been quite prolific so I'm really looking forward to using my own kothamalli !
 Beans at 11 days - these were also quick to germinate. I'm really looking forward to it climbing on the trellis once it starts growing well.
Avarakkai (Hyacinth Beans) at 16 days. This seems to be another prolific vine. I've been told that the trellis may not be enough to accomodate it, let me see. These seem to grow really well even in adverse conditions.

Squash seedling at 11 days. I had no clue that it probably should be germinated in bigger seed trays or directly in the pot - look at the size of the leaf! And after reading today that squash doesn't take too well to transplanting I decided to transplant it sooner rather than later so my first try at germinating in the seed tray myself and transplanting :). Out of 6 seeds planted, 4 have come out quite well, don't know of the fate of the final 2. I can anyway grow max of 2 plants as they seem to get quite bushy so will have to give or throw the rest away.


  1. Aparna, I think I might just chuck the local veg vendor and instead make a beeline to your place for a sure-shot fresh stock of lovely greens..:-)

  2. LoL Uma, I should be able to give you Palak and coriander in a couple of weeks ;) do plan to come this side of town! Fingers crossed that everything survives I may get some veggie output in 2-3 months :).

  3. Hi Aparna,
    Great Going...Love your blog. I have just ventured into vegitable gardening. Right at the starting phase of making raised beds. Can you tell me how to treat the soil. The present soil looks red and been out under open harsh conditions for a long time now. I live in Hyderabad where weather is quite harsh. Looking forward to a reply. I blog at


  4. hi Sunita,
    Just hopped across to your blog, your home looks lovely. Will read in detail and comment more over the next few days! You have so much space for plants, I'm jealous - my terrace is filling up too soon !!

    I don't have too much knowledge about growing on the ground, I'm sure it'll be an amazing experience. For growing in plants, it is recommended to use a lot of compost or cocopeat or both since that's the main source of nutrition the growing plant will get. I am assuming for you to make the raised bed, if you first water and loosen the soil a little, then raise the bed with a higher percentage of compost+cocopeat that should be good enough as the soil will retain much more nutrients and water than in a pot. There are also options like Panchagavya that you can add to the soil or bed to increase the nutrient value.

    Looking forward to seeing how it goes for you :). Am following your blog now.

    1. Dear Aparna,
      Thanks for the quick reply. All these years I struggled the small balconies, poor sunlight and space constraints. Finally I have the space and sunlight in abundance and I want to make full use of it.
      Coco peat is new to me, so I need to figure out where to get that from.Do you know any bloggers from Hyderabad who are into plants. May be they would know some local shops. And Panchagavya another mystery liquid that I need to lay my hands on. I wouldn't mind making it, as I am not the squeamish type but sourcing the ingredients would be challenging.
      Keep a check on me and let me know how it looks.
      Thanks a ton..Love...sunita

  5. Great job!! How do u track all these? Do u maintain a log? I'm in AWE of ur dedication and so much hard work! Are the kids interested yet?

  6. Wow! Loved this. 1) for your passion 2) for the green knowledge you are trying to inculcate in kids.
    Hmmm.. Will plant seeds tomorrow. Lesson learnt.