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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Only if you....

Give me a hug!!

This is a standard phrase in our house nowadays :). Propagated big time by S who thinks this is the perfect turnaround to when I'm "really" angry with him about something! In the middle of the tantrum (his or mine?!) he'll suddenly realize there's no point protesting further and start saying "I'll do it(eat/write/whatever!), but only if you give me a hug!". 

At first this used to irritate me no end - "What? Stop in the middle of my anger and give him a hug? - what sort of message is that sending? That he can do all that he wants and just hug me and get away with it?!"

Well apparently I have no choice in the matter - having realized that giving a hug is a lot better than dealing with the tantrums that are sure to follow if my anger persists! So hopefully the only message i'm giving out is that I'm willing to compromise with a hug in the middle of the worst tantrums :).

Of course D has not been far behind in figuring out the effectiveness of this strategy ;).


  1. Aparna. This is so cute!!! I think the message u will be sending is:
    1. I love you even when I am furious with u.
    2. We will always have our differences but we'll always make up (because we have no choice!)
    He is too cute. Btw the rule in our house is (stupid stupid rule made up by my husband) that the person who is right and who is NOT throwing a tantrum must say sorry first. Search me for the logic of that one ** rolls eyes**

  2. As aparna said this is really cute !!!my son is only 14 months old.. and if i try and be strict with him... he simply tries to divert my attention...things like showing his hair ... his eyes ...or starts moving his fingers to show the stars wht normal times even if u beg him he will not do wht we say...

  3. Hey, this is really nice. I second the message deciphered by Aparna.
    This way, both of you have a chance to calm down and re-think about the situation on attitude S has, I say!

  4. Anonymous6:07 AM

    I can understand every word of it aparna.The same thing happens at my house also...I think its a knack boys have to cool us down or the way of boys take advantage of mom's emotional weakness :) ! My lil S also says Sowwy(sorry) amma and come give a hug as a matter of fact.I will left like now what do I do?????
    My girl howmuch ever she tries, she doesnt want to cool me down before arguing out a little bit...inherent girl's way?????

  5. @All - thanks for the reinforcements :).

    @Aparna - that's a funny rule indeed ;). Loved your message interpretations, definitely what I'm hoping for too.
    @Swathi - kids are just too smart for us nowadays aren't they? :)
    @Uma - thank you :). Yes definitely for a hot-headed person like me the time-out helps!
    @Anon - you have brought out something I wondered about too, my daughter is also similar to what you have said, only now I feel she is is learning these diversion tactics from my son too ;).

  6. Wow! What a strategy! That way your BP level will also return to normal! Smart kid does not want to be hit when hot :D

  7. Aparna.. Where are you.. Missing you on my space..

  8. @Sahana - you're right he's really smart and cheeky to go with it :).

    And so sweet of you to remember me, thanks! I'm definitely catching up with your blog today, have been unwell in the last couple of weeks, so been putting off most reading/commenting :(.