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Friday, July 06, 2012

They make life fun :)

Yes, I do try to write about them too once in a while ;).

A few days back, I was rushing S to put on his socks and get ready for school.
S: Yes, I won't delli(delay) you any further!
Me: Wow, where did you learn such a sentence from S? (expecting to hear - from D!)
S: Chota Bheem !!
Me: :x !!!

About D, so so many things she says that I don't write down Grrr! But some of the things that amaze me the most:
  • She insists I must wake her up at 5:45 for school (she needs to leave by 6:50 or so). And on top of that, I just have to call her once for her to wake up and get up out of bed (not my genes at work there definitely ;)!). 
  • She's getting so mature - we went for a Spelling Bee competition yesterday which in any case I hadn't prepared her for much as I didn't see the point of putting her through too much tension at this age, so there were a couple of things she didn't know well at all. She comes out and very soberly tells me "I don't think I have done well enough to go to the next round Amma!". I would have been either angry or bawling I'm sure, but she was quite accepting of it, I hope some of the reason was that she knew I wouldn't be angry or upset about it too :). When it comes to schoolwork I am a bit of a witch to her, but I really feel extra-curricular activities should be fun for children - unless they reach the age when they really understand competition and "want" to win on their own.
And here's a quote just as I was about to publish - "How I wish you were my friend not my parent, then you come with me to school everyday :) !"
Some pics of both of them with their current favourite - the iPod (can be occasionally replaced by the iPhone or my android phone too ;))

Looking up for the click

And back in action :)


  1. Such a cute snap..they look adorable!
    D does sound very mature for her age..already feeling responsible to wake up on time :-0 At her age, I have a real tough time to my parents even to go to school, leave alone wanting to get up for it!!!
    and big hugs to cute lil'S..Chota Bheem seems to be the mentor at many houses :-)

    1. Thanks Uma :). I know just what you mean, like I said - "not my genes at work there" ;).

      Will definitely convey the hugs too :).

  2. She is so mature for her age! Its so cute that she wants u to come to school with her...u must be quite nice to them at home...I am sure advaith would hate for me to accompany him to school :))

    1. Haha Aparna, wish I could say that :). I'm quite the terror at home though am trying very hard to hold back on my temper nowadays, and I must say it makes a nice difference all around ;) !

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Aparna, What a fun post! I really love your approach to life and children. You are my new source of inspiration now! And the photo is just adorable.

    1. Wow Sushree you're making me blush now :) ! Thanks so much for dropping in, it's really great to hear from you!

  4. Bless them Aparna... they are so adorable together.