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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How time flies!

From time to time I feel guilty about not writing about the kids enough, on what started out as a mommy blog after all :). So here goes:

Conversation with S this morning:

S: Amma, this t-shirt is only a few weeks new no?
Me: Hmm.. yes that's right.
S: I'll tell Aunty (his teacher) that it's new and she'll say "Very nice!"
Me: Why S, you should have told her that when it was really new, why did you wait for so long? You've already worn it 5-6 times now!
S: No no, not 5-6 times, only 4-5 times :P

And that is how the arguments begin, don't they !!

S turned 5 last Sunday, wondering if that's connected to the above :). I started out with an idea of having a party, but as in the last couple of years chickened out and did a home-party only. Tried baking a cake and icing/frosting it.. not completely perfect but it was a start!

The birthday boy was quite happy with it... here he is looking forward to blowing out the candles.

Happy Birthday my darling baby :).


  1. Happy B'day to the Big Boy :)
    Ha..Ha 'not 5-6 times but 4-5 times'!

  2. :-) Happy birthday, S!!! :-)

  3. Yippiee Burrday! God Bless him

  4. Happy birthday to S!!!! Was there a school celebration too?? The cake looks pretty nice....frosting made from scratch?

    1. Thanks Aparna, yes there was a cake at school too :) - photo on my photo blog ;).

      Frosting made from scratch, but I was not too happy with this first attempt.. Will try again the next time I make cupcakes maybe..

  5. Happy birthday S! He looks so very happy and the cake looks delish!!

  6. Thank you all so much for the wishes :)