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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blogging at Citizen Matters!

As those of you who visit this blog regularly might know, it has "diversified" a lot in the last couple of years :). While I believe my gardening and cooking to very much be a part of my "life as a mom", I was happy to accept a kind offer from Citizen Matters to start a gardening blog on their website. So this means I won't be blogging much on gardening on this space (note I say "much" ;)), and here's the link to my second blog post in the new space:


  1. This post is inspirational to a person like me who would love to grow my own food but am often put off by the tedious process that is gardening!

    1. Didn't realize I missed replying to this comment :(
      Thanks so much for dropping in Ruth, and gardening doesn't have to be tedious you know ;)..