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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Homework! Help!!

Ever had that feeling when your kids come to ask you a question about their homework?

sidenote: Yes I am writing a parenting post at last ;).

My older one D is just in her 3rd standard, and this is already a common sight at home:

D: Amma, my Hindi homework is about Samyukt Vyanjan. What does that mean?
Me: Hmmm.. let me think.. (I actually did a lot of Hindi in school, so why can't I remember this?!)
As I'm thinking: But why can't you just bring your Hindi workbook home baby, so that you can actually see what you did in school (smart deflection ;)).
Finally: What else, turn to Google!

D: Where does Violet come on the rainbow?
Me: (Very confidently, I'm sure I know this) It's at the bottom, red is on top.
D: Oh I thought it was on the top.
Me: Hmmm.. Really? Wait let me check "just in case"..

D: I need 3 words with "ei" where it is pronounced as "ee"...
Me: Weird? But that doesn't really sound like "ee"...
Thankfully hubby came up with "conceit" at this point, but still had to browse for that final "seize" !!!

Arghhh!!! I'm quite terrified what the years are going to bring. What do you think fellow parents, does anyone else feel like we need a refresher course to keep up with our kids work at school?


  1. Hee hee hee.. sailing in pretty much the same boat here. I swear I haven't sweated this much before an exam, as I have when asked for ten 'ee' ki mathra words with meanings! God knows what lies in store for us!

    1. Oh Shyvee, the Hindi definitely gets a lot worse :P... seriously thinking about changing the second language to French or something from 5th onwards!

  2. Well what is google baba for? I think our parents must have had a harder time to keep up with ours.

    1. I don't know if it's some sort of selective memory, but I don't remember our parents needing to help us as much somehow ;). Of course we used to bring all our books and notebooks home every day, whereas with these kids - just the one book they need as reference would definitely have been left behind at school!

  3. Lolz.. Aparna.. a smartphone's the answer to all my troubles. I'm constantly googling so that now if I sound doubtful the kids have started saying 'Lets's ask Google'. And they're in class 2.

    1. Phew! You don't know how calming it is for me to know there are others in the same boat :)

  4. I swear ..! If you see me struggling with my 2nd graders homework you would thin that I am getting geared up for my IAS exams.. hmmph:(

  5. I realized its going to be a struggle all the way and so am just learning it all again with her.