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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dubai saga - Part II

After the Day 2 full of activity in Al Ain, we continued the weekend (Fri/Sat for them) with a visit to Abu Dhabi. But before that, here's a view of our hotel - Arabian Dreams which was a Club Mahindra property. We were very happy with our experience there, the room provides a full kitchenette and not just the usual water heater you see in most places. There was even a washing machine which was very convenient for a longish trip like ours.

Day 3 was a whirlwind of sightseeing trying to take in a place full of character as much as we could in a day :). Here are some glimpses of what we saw:
Checked out the F1 circuit

The gorgeous colours of the sea on our way

Checked out the opulence of the Emirates Palace Hotel

Yes.. of the bathrooms there as well ;)

Amazing view

And the highlight of the trip, the Mosque at Abu Dhabi

Day 4 morning was spent in Deira City Centre, the urgency of the trip being that I had my heart set on picking up slippers from Birkenstock which are not available in India. Thanks to a kind friend (whom I got to know through FB!) who gave me pointers on where to go and even came along on that day, I was shortly after the proud owner of a pair. For the afternoon, we planned to visit the Global Village which is a setup on a large ground provided for exhibitions. It is unlike anything I had ever seen before - each country puts up their pavilion with stalls and shops of the goods sold in that country. India had the biggest display and lots of lovely goods from Kashmir and a few other states. A couple of clicks, one of a quirky auto from the India pavilion, and another of some lovely blue glazed pottery that caught my eye at one of the other stalls.

Remaining of the trip in a nutshell and mainly in photos, coming up soon :)


  1. Wow.. Dubai. Club mahindra properties have not disappointed us so far. The sea looks amazing and the Mosque...beautiful. The kids look so tiny.

  2. Yes Tulika, this was the first overseas property that we tried so were a wee bit apprehensive. Turned out to be really good, and to our surprise was an exclusive Club M one.