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Sunday, July 20, 2014

H is for Heat - Hello Warmth and California!

After we left Newark, our next stop was San Francisco where we were staying with family at Fremont. While G was stationed in SF due to working that week, we had a nice taste of home food and comfort. I was the one who most needed to taste some rice by then ;).

The first day after our arrival was full of activity thanks to my cousin who took us sightseeing to the highlights of the city. First stop was the Golden Gate bridge that I had seen in so many movies by now that it didn't feel like I was seeing it for the first time :).
We were planning to walk the length of the bridge then realized when we got halfway that we would have to walk back as well ;).
Then on to ride the cable car, and finally the day ended up at the ferry ride around Alcatraz. The kids lost interest in the audio descriptions within minutes, but I was fascinated by all the history.

A fun ride, but at 6$ a person not something we could do over and over :).
Ghirardelli Square had to be a part of the agenda!

I can't hear it properly! 
Loved the seagulls 
On Day 2, we took the BART into San Francisco to meet G who was working there. After catching a quick lunch, I made the kids work it all off by climbing the Coit Tower steps. they were surprisingly good sports and only needed a little nudge now and then ;). Photos of the greenery in my post on Gardens.
A lovely day for a climb? ;)
Beautiful views during the climb
You can see that D was the one who needed the most persuasion to climb that last part :).
Coit Tower in the background.
Some of Day 3 was spent at a friend's place who lived quite close to my uncle's in Fremont, and on Day 4 my uncle took us to go see the "17-mile Drive". It was a lovely place with beaches and picturesque spots like this Lone Cypress, though I felt guilty that we had to travel nearly a 100 miles to reach there!
The Lone Cypress
Surrounded by beauty, and wee bit envious of the folks who have homes there ;)
Bravely about to venture into the icy cold water :) 
She did it!
We also managed a quick visit with some old friends on our last day in SF, which was a bit hurried but great to catch up! And that was the end of our activity filled 4 days :). Next stop San Diego!

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  1. Travel tales are so much fun. But I love the pictures the most... Relaxed and happy.