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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Rajasthan Holiday Ends - Part III

The holiday continues after our day 5 at Kumbalgarh:
Catching the sunrise as we left the resort on Day 5
Day 6: We had planned a day trip to Udaipur which was about 100 kilometers away. We left the resort early and also enjoyed a local breakfast of samosas, methi pakodas and faafda before reaching the city of lakes. Our driver, Devendra, belonged to the city and was raring to show us around his hometown. First stop was the Karni Mata temple that you can reach by cable car (or by walk) and provides a bird-eye view of the city and Lake Pichola. The temple also houses some white mice that are considered sacred here.

Clicked from the cable car
One of many attempted selfies on the trip ;)
The next stop was the City Palace, but we headed here only after a photo session in the local Rajasthani Garb near Lake Pichola (once again on our driver's recommendation). We realized later that this is an activity that is quite popular here as every tourist spot had a stall set up for this :).

Caution Rant ahead.. 
At the City Palace, we were a bit taken aback by the camera fee being equal to the entry fee :P. It was also a bit of an irritation that the security was at an all-time high and one of us had to leave the camera behind (we were not planning to use it as we took just one camera ticket). I guess honesty cannot be gauged by our faces, so I'm ok with our camera getting kept back but it just didn't seem to make sense in this age of technology where literally everyone can click with their phones anyway. On that day, the place was inundated by groups of schoolchildren who were doing just that when unnoticed by the guards. 
..Rant over

Well, I made the best of the camera fee and clicked a pic of EVERYTHING, don't worry I won't share it all here ;). On the whole, the place was kept very clean in spite of the crowds so it was a nice experience looking around.
My fascination with arches continues :)
The view!
One of MANY interesting windows
Beautiful doorknob - didn't I tell you I clicked everything ;)
One of the displays was the collect of silver - this included items like a present of silver hairbrushes and other grooming implements, as well as many lovely photo frames made of silver. The idol of Chetak was also decorated with tons of silver.. looked at this very keenly as I have a bit of a silver jewelry fixation ;).

Chetak in all his silver glory
After lunch at a nearby restaurant, we headed to the statue of Maharana Pratap and Chetak, where we couldn't stand around too long due to the heat being quite high at that time of day. We soon took refuge in a small museum type display of paintings and models depicting the history of the state. 

Statue of Maharana Pratap and Chetak
Battle of Haldighati
Saheliyon Ki Baadi
After a quick stop at the lovely fountain and gardens at Saheliyon ki baadi, we were quite tired, and after a spot of shopping we headed back to Kumbalgarh for the night.

Day 7: This was a day of rest, to recuperate from the hectic sightseeing of the day before and also because of there not being much to see at Kumbalgarh other than the fort. We did manage a short visit to a nearby lake, where again the profusion of catfish was amazing as fishing is not allowed and tourists feeding the fish with puffed rice and other treats is a small source of income to the locals.
Feeding the fish
Lovely view near the lake at Kelwada
We went back to the fort in the evening, where we thoroughly enjoyed the Sound and Light Show - it was an amazing way to hear of the history of the fort and the state. A beautiful experience to round off our holiday :)


  1. We stayed very close to the City Palace in Udaipur. And you know what, for the same reason, we were so pissed that we actually skipped visiting the Fort there. I think it was a rip off their fees. Besides we had seen so many forts during our visit that we didn't mind missing one. Enjoyed your travelogue. It seems you had a great time.

  2. Absolutely loved reading it all. :) Missing Udaipur really badly now.
    Hope you have many more such trips soon.

  3. Awesome! That colorful window and chetak with silver jewelry is cool! :)
    To end your trip with that show must have been so awesome :) Enjoyed reading all the 3 posts!

  4. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Lovely travel tales. Great read.

  5. I am sorry for being so late with my publishing comments and responding! The blog has been sadly neglected this year, hopefully better in 2016 :). Thanks Rachna, Pallavi, Parul and Asha!