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Friday, May 19, 2006

Becoming a Parent

For both my husband and me, having Damita has been such a life changing experience. I guess all parents say that at some time or the other, but unless you're in the middle of it noone can ever explain exactly what it feels like. To know that you're completely responsible for a life.. having someone so dependent on you is so truly awesome. I never imagined that I could ever be so unselfish :). Of course there will come a time when she'll start asserting her independence, in fact she already has a very good idea of what she wants and how she should get it ! In the last few days she has started pointing to things that she wants and expects us to immediately fall in with her wishes, else throws a loud tantrum..

Here's a photo of Damita and her Dad .. Still in her second month and not able to even turn over on her own.. did we imagine then that we would be chasing her all around the house, and she would be crawling so fast that we have to run to catch up with her !!

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