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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fresh attempt at blogging

Trying to resume this blog after more than 4 years - hope this attempt will stick :).

Damita is now 5 years old, and I have a son Shehan who is nearly 2 and a half. I found that when I tried to look back to when Damita was the same age, I can hardly remember any details!! So this blog is an attempt to capture some of life's moments - funny or filled with amazement, sad or maybe even mundane sometimes. But I am hoping to not look back in 10 years and feel bad to not remember my children's childhood memories.

D studies in a Montessori school in M3 - that's equal to UKG. Phonetics is the way to go nowadays and she's no exception. Her latest observations regarding number names:
D: Amma, Why is "1" spelt "o-n-e"?
Me: I don't know baby. That's what the people who named it decided it to be.
D(looking perplexed): And "2" is "t-w-0"! These are not correct - then they should be "one"(pronouncing without the starting "w" sound) and "two"(rhyming with 'so').
Says the rest of the number names quickly and pronounces "Rest are ok".
Me: ROFL :)

S has also started going to the same school starting July 12th. We had the usual adjustment period, when he used to cry and scream his head off. Was inconsolable for a couple of days and then slowly got to the stage when he cried when I left him but settled down later. In the last couple of days:
22nd July: Teacher holds out hand and says "Come Shehan". He says "I can" and without taking her hand goes in on his own!
23rd July: The school has a compound gate and a wicket gate further inside. In earlier days I took him upto the wicket gate and his teacher carried him inside. Older children are received at the outer gate as he's seen with Damita on many days. Today I take him inside the outer gate, and before I can go further he looks at me and says "போரும். இப்ப நீ கிளம்பு" (That's enough. You leave now). My heart breaking but swelling with pride !!
Poor guy has missed school this week as he was down with a bad attack of wheezing/cough/fever. Hopefully should be back tomorrow.

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