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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

On Tamil and Spiders and ...

S still talks a lot in Tamil which I hope will continue even after a few more weeks/months of school. D used to speak in the most wonderful மழலைதமிழ்(Tamil in babytalk) but after going to to school for a few months nothing but English would come out of her ! So much so that when she was around 4 years she used to tell people "I don't know tamil!". She is now learning Hindi and Kannada in addition to English - can't imagine my baby learning 3 languages - Now we insist on speaking in Tamil to her a lot, so her mother tongue doesn't get missed out among the rest:).

K, my cousin's son who is a day younger to D had come home the other day. Seeing his shoes which were clogs with a spiderman motif:
I tell S: What nice Spiderman shoes! Unakku Vaangalama? (Shall we buy for you?)
S: Enakku Irukkey (I already have!) - his clogs were also the same orange colour.
Me: Very happy that son is not yet at stage of asking for things, and infact refusing things "Very good Shehan!

A few moments pause while he digests this and we are also walking down the stairs outside our house. Then he says (pointing to a corner near the stairs):
S: Annikku spiderman paathome!
Realized that I had shown him a spider over there the other day - LOL Children and their amazing connections !!!

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