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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Diaper Freeeeee !!!

S is finally out of his night diapers :). He has been having dry diapers for a long time now, but all the horror stories I have heard of boys and bedwetting had stopped me from leaving them out. I finally decided it's about time to see how he handles it and Yippeee.. no incidents as of the first night atleast !! Hope the trend continues and I can keep the remaining diapers just for emergencies and travel situations. I know that may be a bit too much to ask for but one can dream can't one ?

D was very early at getting toilet trained but took a while to stop with the night diapers. And then there came one fine day when she woke me up in the early hours of the morning to take her to the toilet instead of just wetting the bed - I am so not a morning person but my euphoria totally overcame my sleepiness :) !!


  1. Wow Aparna, that's a fast son u have! Jokes apart, touch wood. I have no such hopes in a loooong time to come. But I will take inspiration from you and keep hoping. My Sonny Boy pees so much at night I still have to deal with diaper leaks.
    Now that I know where you are, will follow you around ;-)

  2. Dear Forever Mother,

    Thanks for your note - it's my first blog comment ever :).

    I know what you mean about diaper leaks - had quite a few with my D before it settled down. And I have this firm belief, that diapers keep them warm, and the mere absence of a diaper might make them pee even if they're always dry with one ;). Anyway fingers crossed !!