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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A weekend of festivals and performances...

Thursday was festival celebration at D & S 's school - they celebrated Varamahalakshmi puja and Onam at one go as they had holidays on Friday and Monday. Both of them went to school in traditional clothing. They had asked for the children to bring flowers in specific flowers which left me wondering why I needed to run around for orange marigolds and purple asters, but then they made the most beautiful rangolis with them :).

D & S took part in the Glorious Festival of Harmony at Ambedkar Bhawan on Sunday. They sang (or stood in S's case :) ) in the St. Mark's Children's Choir. S's first stage performance and he did quite a good job of standing more or less still - he was the youngest member at not yet 2.5! D is a veteran from her school performances and she had practised the songs so she enjoyed herself and was quite a vocal part of the choir.


  1. Hey they look so adorable!! Both of them. Love their smiles.
    And they are already in a choir! Wow, man...that's like super duper.

  2. Thanks Forever Mother :). Don't know how much they are "into" their choir yet but I am enjoying it thoroughly :)