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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My birthday's finished!

That's what S says if anyone asks him how old he is :). We had a low-key but fun day with cutting a cake at school and another one at home with just parents and grandparents around. S is apparently not yet displaying his personality entirely at school, so here he is sitting and waiting very patiently for the cake to be cut:
That's his teacher Vinaya Aunty lighting the candle, and me, D and Dada, Dadima in the back.

Then the one at home - this one was a spectacular cake, made by Som & Poornima who make speciality cakes. I seem to have taken photos of the cake and not of the actual event (which are hopefully on hubby's phone and will be procured soon! :)). So here's one of the cake(vanilla flavoured with a chocolate butter cream filling and that lovely chocolate topping/fondant) all of which tasted every bit as good as it looks/sounds ;).

I have been wanting to take more photos not just of events but of everything around, especially the children. But sadly have been very lethargic in this (and in a lot of other areas lately including blogging). I even told hubby that maybe getting a new camera would make me feel more enthusiastic ;).. but i'm actually not sure about that. So hoping to enthuse myself to take this blog post as a starting point to more photo posts and taking more photos :).


  1. Happy Birthday to Shehan!!!!!When was his Bday..Bday finsihed is soo cute...Shriya would rather say, my bday is right around the corner in another 11 months ;)

  2. Thanks Sudha! I have been sick in the last few weeks with a bad throat, so didn't have the enthu to do a big celebration. It was nice even if it was only family around :).
    Love to S & S :)