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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seeing that connection.. but do we all make it?

Two things happened today to point me in this direction..

First, my netbook which is now 1+ years old has been acting up since yesterday. At times of non-use for a few mins, when the monitor goes to sleep, it refuses to wake up. All my pressing the keys, putting finger on the mousepad gives no reaction and the screen remains black/blank. Only thing that seems to work is if I connect to an external monitor say the TV, and then magically after 1 min or maybe 30 mins as it wishes, the laptop screen suddenly comes back to life ! Don't know if that 30 mins is going to stretch longer and longer and become "never" very soon, so quickly backed up my data and going to give it for servicing.. sigh.. am so unused to being without a computer of some sort at my side :(..

Second, I atlast watched this video which many of my Facebook friends have been posting during the last few days entitled Pass it on. Once again I was pretty late in getting around to it because of the aforesaid netbook and the long time it takes to stream anything online, but in case anyone reading this hasn't yet seen it, please go and have a look before you read further as what i'm going to say pretty much spoils the punch of the clip.




Really set me thinking.. when not "seeing" something on that 10-inch screen drove me so crazy .. having the equivalent of that screen all around you.. so unimaginable for most of us.. yet how often do we spare a thought to this wonderful initiative. I remember signing a card sometime in the past, but it's so hazy in my mind and I'm pretty sure noone in my family would know to contact Sankara Nethralaya (which is anyway in Chennai, when I'm currently in Bangalore!) if such a situation came up. I really need to rethink/redo this again, it's not enough to do it for the sake of doing it - we have to make sure it means something! 

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