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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I don't like a world where...

when some near stranger that we come across in our daily routine is affectionate towards my daughter, and I have to have this worry at the back of my mind of whether his intentions are really good. But blind trust doesn't work in the world of today, so I talk to her about how it's ok to talk and interact with uncle while in a group but if he calls her separately at anytime she should never agree.

and I have to be really concerned at my son's loving behaviour to every stranger he comes across! If I turn my back to talk to somebody for a second, I find him holding hands with some "uncle" and answering questions about his name or school ! Still OK if we're in a doctor's waiting room, but when he starts going and tapping on people's helmets to draw their attention in a shopping area I really just lose my cool and drag him away!

It bothers me that we live in a world where the behaviour by a minority (I'm not talking statistics but I hope there are more "good" people than "bad" people out there!), guides how we must treat all strangers, and as parents most of us have just got used to the "bad stranger" rule! I'm sure most of those strangers out there are parents like us too and have probably warned their children against US !!

Thanks so much CSAAM for bringing this issue to the fore, but how I wish it were a non-issue ! :(


  1. Spot-on. I open the newspaper everyday and always feel I'm not doing enough to protect my children. Then realize that the disgusting actions of a minority colour our perceptions of danger everywhere. Drawing the line, as always, is difficult.

  2. so true!..My feelings ditto!

  3. How unfortunate that we have to doubt everyone! And having a girl child means a lot more..I really do not want to psyche Shriya.I want her to be a strong,bold women with a positive outlook when she grows up.But I want her to be vigilant too.By too much negativity in the young age, I do not want to corrupt her innocence!I really hope and pray to be a successful mom and nurture her with the right attitude...
    And good luck to you too Aps.

  4. Anonymous3:57 AM

    Oh God..I am no longer sure how to go about in this world where out of necessity or requirement we have to send kids out to school or at day care with their so called uncles and aunties.
    Nor can we shadow the kids every single second in their life. Its so frightening and nerve wrecking.

  5. Sigh. The CSAAM initiative has not been good for my peace of mind. Every stranger and action seems worthy of suspicion :(

  6. @Aparna - Yes it's soo difficult to draw the line, makes you feel foolish sometimes but better safe and feeling silly than sorry I guess!

    @Uma - thanks!

    @Sudha - thank you! And do follow some of the CSAAM links to blogs that talk about how boys can be equally susceptible :(.

    @Anon - yes it's a scary world out there, we can just do the best possible that we are capable of and hope for the best!

    @Rohini - this topic really brought out thoughts that have been at the back of my mind to the forefront and refuse to recede again :(.