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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No. 100 :)

After a false alarm a couple of weeks back when I was thrilled to have reached this milestone, and then realizing I had a few drafts hiding out there, here I am for real :).

In the spirit of recycling, I was thrilled to visit the Second to None Flea Market on Nov 12th. I had been really looking forward to it, and in spite of a zillion other things turning up which HAD to be on the exact same day, I held on and managed to make it :). Some of the lovely items I picked up:

That's an "upcycled" wine bottle and a lovely papermache one too

A lovely block-printed stole that I couldn't resist!

Also picked up a couple of lovely cloth bags by A Hundred Hands who are also holding their own Collective between Nov 23rd - 27th which I'm really hoping to make it to.


  1. congrats on the milestone!!! i heard abt the second to none flea market from some other friends and really wished i could have been there. the stole is soooo pretty! hold on to it :) i like the paper mache bottle too.

  2. Thanks Aparna :)

    Yes it was a lovely gathering. The items were great, and the spirit especially was very uplifting !!

  3. Congrats on the century!!!

    Like Aparna, I am in love with the stole..Bangalore has much happening, only I seem to be missing most fun :-( darn...this is going to be my resolution for the next year- participating in such events that is..:-)

  4. Loved the colour of the stole- earlier FabIndia use to have interesting stuff but lately it's quality has deteriorated a lot. And, it's a lot more fun to 'find' such pieces than just picking it up from a mall