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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Back to the basics :)

This one is dedicated to D & S, after all the off-topic posts I seem to have been doing lately :).

D is growing into such a young lady. The other day I put out her clothes - a white slightly frilly shirt with a denim skirt. At first she said "Shirt and skirt! Isn't that funny?", then after wearing "Oh, I look like I'm going to Office!!". Much amused at the things children seem to pick up from watching TV :). And in the couple of weeks since this happened, I've rearranged the cupboards so she can take out her own clothes and wear what she wants - interesting choices :).

She has now started talking a few words in Tamil - usually single word responses to a question of mine in the same language.. probably picking up on my feeling bad that both the kids talk only in English.. she's very perceptive that way, always has been! She has become such a responsible child, does all her getting ready for school herself. Her grandparents (my parents-in-law) have just come to visit and are very impressed :). I am of course taking most of the credit ;).

S, oh my God, what do I say about this guy. He's a total salesman in the making, no already made, since the day he started communicating actually ;). Ask him a question, and he'll never say "I don't know!". He had a submarine (a word he didn't know yet) on his T-shirt the other day and when someone asked him what it was, he said "Only when I am a grown up, I will know what that is."

He's at that exasperating stage when he wants to contest anything I want him to do, from drinking his milk, to eating his food, to going to sleep (naptimes slowly becoming a no-go unless I lie down with him). Atleast I'm hoping it's a stage and trying to work through it all holding on to my patience the best I can :(. On the bright side, he's a trooper about eating his food himself - hoping to make him get used to it as soon as possible, so I can have more time to myself ;). This is one of those things where it definitely helps to have an older sibling's example!


  1. girls are so cute..
    Lol @ the submarine thing..
    Hugs to both the kids..super cute..:-)

  2. I would love to see pics of some of the interesting wardrobe choices :)) Its so good that she is getting all dressed by myself? Bath, potty also independently? Ads was doing those on his own but now he has stopped.
    Good luck to get S to eat his food on his own - that'll be such a help!!

  3. Thanks Uma, Aparna :)

    Aparna - Bath except for hairwash, potty I used to spray the faucet and she used to wash, but now all on her own :).

  4. That is so cool, aparna! I wish ads would do the same. He was doing his bath all by himself but has stopped now.

  5. You win some days, you lose some days :).. D also mostly has a bath, but there are those days when she's in a bad mood just because it's so early in the morning, and I just let her be, and try to persuade her again after school ;).
    Went through phases with D for the potty washing, she started doing it a while back, but I found signs of a not so well done wash :(.. so went back to helping, and now hopefully i can wash my hands off !!