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Monday, November 21, 2011

Gramothsava Nov 2011

... was an event at D's school which was on the same day as the flea market (but of course ;)), but it was in the afternoon and so I was able to make it for both events, and was I thankful !

The point of the occasion was to provide a village experience to the children with different areas of the school made up to look like different areas of the village - from the village fair to street performances to folk dances and rangoli competitions. Here is a mostly pictorial take on it:

All dressed and ready to go :).

At the Entrance - some beautifully made up scarecrows!

Amma and Appa holding our breath for the duration of the ride with no seatbelts (how would you find those at a village fair?) D sitting in background on the comfortable seat, but of course S wanted "only" the horse!

Hubby showing off those "lagori" skills :)

What striking colours!

Wonderful performances by the street artists

Lovely view of the sunset towards the end of the evening

There was a promised fireworks performance post 7 pm but by then we started feeling very cold and tired and after making a last stop at the Channapatna toy stall (can we ever have enough of those!) we headed back home.


  1. this seems like fun! yukta's school had a 'bal mela' recently - the theme was 'streets of india' - things like street performers, street food, diff kinds of street vendors. it was different for kids to see the acrobats walking across the tightrope which u don't see nowadays. things like that.
    teachers and schools do put in a lot of work nowadays!!!

  2. D & S are looking sooo adorable and I can understand S wanting "only" the horse..:-)
    The fest seems like a well-organized and colourful affair..loved all the pics, the colours, the!!!

  3. WOW! So colorful! I do not think it is Lagori.. Lagori is throwing a ball to a tower of stones.

  4. @Aparna - yes it was very nicely done! I completely agree that schools and teachers do seem to pull all kinds of things out of their hats to differentiate themselves nowadays. Looks like real hard work!!

    @Uma - thank you. It was a really scary feeling especially as it was his usual nap time and i felt like he would fall asleep with the revolving motion, so tried to call out to him to catch his attention and keep him awake :).

    @Sahana - thanks for pointing that out, will edit the post. Probably they had meant Lagori as a general name for the gaming area, and since everyone was spinning tops there I thought it was the name for it :).