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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Chocolate Fudge Brownies !

My last couple of baking attempts ended a bit sadly - one was an apple cinnamon cake, and another was an orange chiffon cake - the flavouring was decent but somehow didn't taste quite "right" both times :(.

So this time I set out to make an old favourite - the brownie, but decided to try a new recipe that uses olive oil - these were Double Fudge Olive Oil Brownies :). Well I pretty much went according to the recipe in the link, wasn't sure whether to powder the sugar so left it as is (I will always take the lazy option ;)). Though they turned out on the sweeeet side, I don't mind that so much as the size of a portion is small enough for the sweetness to not be overwhelming.

There's my lovely orange wall in the background - looking much less orange here though don't know why. And the more food photography I see online, the more I realize how bad I am at it, but anyway just to give an idea of what they looked like, and a reminder for me cos they're gone already!!

I am finding more and more that the ingredients to be used for most baking recipes (except for the standard sponge cake, chocolate cake type) are not always easily available in all stores and trying to substitute doesn't always work well. So just in case anyone is interested in trying this recipe, I thought I should mention that I used the Selbourne/Chuckles Choco slab available at most Nilgiris Outlets and also choco chips from the same company. The Olive Oil that I used is what I use for much of my cooking which is Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil.

Added note: As I am posting this daaays after actually writing it, I have since also found the Morde chocolate slab which is available in many places like MK Ahmed stores.

My next attempt will be a Christmas Plum cake which I'm trying for the first time, so wish me luck :) !

Another note: I have already finished this, and Yay it came out ok, recipe coming soon.


  1. Plum cake??? Wow!! That's quite complex isn't it? Pl post the recipe and also pics!!!

  2. the brownies look yummm..pls post the recipe and pics of plum cake already droooling...:-)

  3. Aparna: Definitely in a couple of days :). First attempt was quite ok, but trying a few more tweaks before publicising my reciple ;).

    Uma: Thank you, will do soon !