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Friday, December 02, 2011

Boy oh Boy :)

Just when you begin thinking of yourself as an "experienced" parent, you are reminded that there are many things left to learn :). Some learnings while raising S:

Turning over at night to find something poking into your side - could be anything from a car to a drumstick :) .. a big change from teddy bears or dolls !

I have learnt from his observation that car wheel caps also have the symbol of the company - as my 3.5 year old points out immediately that the Swift parked near home has one wheel with a Toyota symbol on it which is "not correct"!!

After wondering at 5 years if D was old enough to have her own bath, S now wants to start having his bath at less than 4 years old :) - thanks to the example set by his sister of course! I know it's not going to really accomplish any cleaning but WTH it's worth it to just see him try to reach his back ;).

That in Calvin style the toilet might be flushed while still sitting on it (thankfully not inside the closet and having a bath in it yet ;)!)

And though I was keeping my fingers crossed for his school Parents Day this year after last year's experience, he completely surprized us all by remembering and performing all the steps for "Nanna Re" :).


  1. hahahaha...drumstick, huh? oh boy! I need to be prepared (some more)!

  2. Uma, don't forget cars of all shapes and sizes too ;).

    I used to think gender biases don't make sense, until now I realize some things are really "built-in" - atleast for a majority if not all children!