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Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to persevere and get back to your blog ;)

And I'm back !!! Still keeping my fingers crossed so let me take it one post at a time ;)

Here's one I've been saving up for a while now - I was having such withdrawal symptoms at not being able to access this blog that I saved a couple of posts in a word doc (!) and started a gardening blog on Wordpress. But my bonds to this one have grown so much, that I was just not able to abandon it and move to the other one! For the record, I'm now using Opera with Turbo turned on which seems to be my best bet.

S has developed an avid interest in reading as of about a couple of months back (yes have been trying to update my blog since then, but some tussle between blogger and my ISP/Browser/Mac can’t even decide which one!). He is now stringing together letters (sounds!) and trying to pronounce anything he sees, and it’s funny to hear the result of phonetics sometimes. I try to teach him my “extra” rules to cover what phonetics misses out (in my eyes J).

He also comes up with the most amazing “thathuvams” (logic) like this one:

After just finishing a bath and wiping himself (or trying to), he says – “Soap cleans humans (!), water cleans soap, towel cleans the water!” – I’ve never contemplated things like this even in adulthood so I was just stumped with this.

D on the other hand, continues to be brilliant with getting ready in the morning, or rather getting up in the morning, which is still not my strong point at all. She is very independent with her schoolwork, and really takes a lot of worries off my head. This morning, I was a little under the weather, and she was actually giving me ideas as to what I could give her for lunch, and offering to have breakfast at the tuck shop. I was of course immeasurably touched!

The other big development with her is that she was diagnosed with myopia and has started wearing glasses as of last week. I was cringing at all the adjustment that was going to be needed with this, but once again she has made the job much easier than expected, and took to it very easily, with hardly a fuss.

Here's a recent pic:


  1. Welcome back!! was wondering if all was well with you :-) sweet children!! God Bless!

    1. Thanks so much vai :). And do keep dropping in, I hope to keep at it ;).

  2. You have a nice style of writing Aparna. Do keep blogging! I have almost given up on my attempts between a job and kids.

    1. Thanks so much Varsha :). I can imagine it gets really difficult with a job too, but all the best at getting back in full force! I'm definitely going to be catching up on your blog as soon as i'm back from holiday in a week.

  3. :) Share these on the FB page I invited you to. Spread the smiles :)