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Monday, October 29, 2012

The long awaited Goa holiday!

 After trying to book our resort of choice at Goa in the last couple of years, we finally made it happen this year, thanks to making our bookings 6 months in advance :O !! And well, it was quite a lovely holiday, so all that planning effort was quite worth it.

In our hotel room
First decision, we wanted to drive down, which means hubby had to be geared up to a LOT of driving, as I don't drive much on the highway. As we were not sure of how long the kids could take in the car, we decided to take a break at Hubli along the way. It was my first try booking a hotel completely based on online feedback, and it was a pleasant surprize. Ananth Residency at Hubli was a lovely hotel, with nice rooms and very decent food. We pretty much lazed around for the rest of the day, after reaching there in time for a late lunch.

What an awesome location for a house!

We left from Hubli at a leisurely pace as we had a check-in time of 2 pm at our resort in Goa. Though we underestimated the ghat roads a bit, and reached closer to 3 pm.

We were received by a gentleman with a guitar strumming and playing our songs of choice, which the kids were greatly impressed by of course. We slowly started getting an idea of the distances involved in going anywhere in Goa, and decided to spend the first evening at the resort beach and not try too much adventurous stuff.

Starfish on the beach

The kids had a blast on the beach, as it is not an ordinary experience for them in landlocked Bangalore. It is so wonderful to see such enthusiasm from children, as otherwise it feels like we have become quite jaded with "just going to a beach" type of fun!

Back to our suite for some cleaning up and horsing around :).

Catch of the day at the Dune Shack which was our resort's beachside restaurant. You had to buy one whole fish, which they would then prepare in whichever style you wanted it to be. We chose a Kingfish and had it partly fried, and partly in a coconut based gravy.

What a bad foodie I am.. found the pattern of the lamps more interesting to click ;). Though the food was really good too - easily our best meal in Goa. Breaking the suspense already!

And of course with my enthusiasm for photos, this one is getting too long ;). Parts 2, 3 and how many ever more needed to follow soon!


  1. wow..this sounds like a relaxed holiday..waiting for guys look lovely!

    1. Thanks Uma :). Getting to it soon, hoping to keep it short & sweet ;).

  2. Nice...I love Goa...want to go there with the kids sometime...looking forward to the other parts!

    1. Thanks Aparna :). Don't gasp - this was our first ever trip to Goa !!

    2. Lovely to hear you are visiting Goa apu. I feel so nostalgic and home sick for Goa. I think the best two years of my life was at Goa.Simple ppl , incomplicated life style and of course the beaches. Vagatur is another rocky beach and try if u can get to is my favourite. Now i dont know how it is . I visted it 13 years ago......have fun . Lots of love n hugs....

    3. Thanks KV !! It was a great place, and 3-4 days was not enough, we need atleast 3-4 trips to do the place justice :).

      Call me sometime, it's been so long since we met, let's plan something.


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