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Thursday, October 25, 2012

One more saved up memory :)

Another one from the last couple of blogless months:

S wants me to lift him up to see something on the kitchen “medai” (slab), and I say to him “My back is gone sweetheart, I can’t lift you today”.
His reply:
“If your back is gone, it will be invisible no? You should say my back is paining!”
Hmm... from the mouth of babes, teaching me English already :O !!

D keeps telling me stuff like “Amma, your hair has grown so looong!”, “Don’t ever cut it ok!” -> Finally managed to convince her to chop off her own which was the only way she would let me trim mine :).

Here are the kids all dressed up for Navaratri and exhibiting sibling love (for the camera ;)).


  1. LOL on my back is gone!!! Our english is so weird no? :) Kids look really nice in their gladrags.

    1. Thanks Aparna :)

      Yeah it's weird to get corrected by your kids, and even more when it's the 4 year old!

  2. so good to have you back, Apster!
    I am loving all the thatuvams that S is coming up with. D has grown so much more mature..benefits of having a girl? ;-)
    Loving your garden even more each time you put up a pic..the plants look so happy in your care :-)

    1. Thanks Uma :) Great to be back, was really missing this give and take! Fingers crossed this access is going to keep working in the same way.

      Yeah girls and boys can be so different, but in some ways S is learning a lot of good stuff so I'm happy :).