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Friday, November 22, 2013

Kidspeak and Poetry

Sometimes I tend to forget that at the age of 5.5, so many phrases still are not familiar to him. Though one would not think that when you hear him discoursing on various subjects ;).

S: Amma, this homework is tooo difficult.
I have a look, and it says "Name 5 things you come across in your bedroom"
Me: Why S, don't you know the things in your bedroom. I'm sure you can name 5 easily!
S: Bed.
Me: Ok good, write that down first.
S: Writes down "bed", and then demonstrates to me by climbing on to the bed and going "across" it - Yes, you can cross the bed! :).
Me: Doubled over with laughter for about 5 minutes. And then explain to him what "come across" means.

What fun it is to try to teach this language and nuances like how "come across" is not the same as "go across" :P.

And as for D, she is just so creative in so many little ways, it astounds me sometimes. She's been an avid reader for a few years now and I can(and do ;)) take a little bit of credit for passing on that love and encouraging it, but the other aspect is that she loves writing down stuff as well. Sometimes a diary of events, sometimes a short story, and the latest are these short poems that I was very thrilled to read :). Writing creatively is not something that comes easily to me, I only do ok with very mundane descriptions of stuff that has actually happened, so I'm pretty awed at her ability and hope to nurture it the best I can.

Here's one of the latest from her repertoire:

In other news, I still plod on with the big questions of parenting, such as the differences (or are they the same?) between chart paper, KG cardboard and my latest discovery of ivory paper?! :)


  1. Wow aparna, that poetry is awesome! She has some talent in there..
    and lol @ S's wonder he was confused, poor guy! :-)

  2. You have a little Ms. Dickinson there! Way to go,D :)

  3. Wow this is amazing... you have some budding talent at home Aparna.

  4. love love love both stories! great kids - BIG kiss!!