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Monday, April 25, 2016

Parenting Truths

All this wisdom has been floating around in my head, and I thought I must share ;). Please do let me know your additions to this list, in the comments section.
  • Always teach kids good habits like remembering to remove the spoon from the jam bottle when they're the last to use it. When it comes to Nutella however, you may occasionally "forget" to remind them ;).
  • Never spoil kids by teaching them to expect neatly ironed clothes all the time, or you'll pay the price for it at some point in life.
  • When you have 2 kids who are close in age, never buy white socks that are just a size apart. This is the stuff of laundry nightmares. (Yes I discovered fabric markers, but still) Also, they WILL get dirty to the level of becoming irredeemable, so focus on numbers rather than expensive quality.
White socks galore
  • Trying to teach kids about nutrition WILL come back to bite you one day, such as the time you forget to shop for fruits and have none in the house.
  • Having a kid means needing to pay attention to a LOT of stories, and memorize stuff like friends' and classmates' names. It also means you have to remember details such as "A's sister used to be in the Badminton team" the next time that you have a conversation on the same subject. Don't confuse A with B or Badminton with Tennis, or you'll be told you're getting inattentive :P.  (Multiply into number of kids)
  • When you need to track hygiene habits for the kids and to ask "Have you brushed your teeth?" multiple times on a rushed morning, some days it will strike you that you forgot to brush your own ;).
  • However uncrafty you consider yourself, you will very probably at some time as a parent, create elaborate fancy dress costumes for your child. You can view some of my early work in this area on an earlier blog post here, that pic always makes me smile and be thankful for capturing those moments :). 
A recently made Shark costume

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  1. This is a sweet collection of notes, Aparna! Thanks for sharing!