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Monday, June 27, 2016

Things to Do with Kids in Singapore - Gardens by the Bay, Science Centre

On our holiday to Singapore about 5 years back (described here and here), we covered many of the common touristy sights, so now that we live here, we decided to turn our attention to some other fun places :). I hope to make this one a series on things to do with kids in Singapore, maybe it would help visitors who might like to add these to their itinerary as well.

Gardens by the Bay: Earlier this year, it was time for some fun with grandparents(G's parents), who were visiting here during the 2 week school holiday. The Gardens by the Bay (a touristy place all right, but it wasn't around 5 years ago!) exhibit has 2 conservatories and I decided to explore one of them - the Flower Dome - so as to not overdo spending too much time on our feet.

So fascinating to see the bud to flower transformation !

Tough to capture the beauty of that symmetry
We were lucky to be there at the time of the tulip exhibit, and it added even more color to the already beautiful space. One more conservatory (The Cloud Forest) shall be explored soon, as also the skywalk and lights show which is supposed to be quite spectacular.

Couldn't take a selfie without these two photobombing :)
What did I tell you ;) ?
Finding matching tulips to click a pic :)

How to get here: The closest MRT station is Bayfront on the Downtown Line, and on a hot day it would be advisable to take the shuttle for $3 from the MRT exit to reach the domes. On cooler days (if you're lucky!) it might be a nice and picturesque walk. This and more details about any scheduled closures available on their website.

Lovely varieties of tulips with a shredded edge
There was a collection of cacti and we were all fascinated with this one that looked like a brain

Science Centre: Singapore has a wealth of museums and the like to cater to the young and the old, and as the whole point was for the grandkids to have as much or rather even more fun than us adults, we decided to check out the Science Centre. I dare say this was not a super-modern space - I believe the newly set up ArtScience Museum is more dazzling, but it still offered a lot of interesting experiments and exhibits for folks of all ages to experience and learn.

Trying to understand the workings!
I wonder what this is about :)

The fire-tornado was dazzling conclusion to our visit, though a bit scary with the amount of heat generated. Of course the museum personnel were very careful with leaving space all around and keeping kids away from the heat. 
A closer look at its hottest!
Fire Tornado just starting up

Travel posts have always been a lot of fun to write, and so this is my latest attempt to revive and keep the blog alive with the places we visit locally :). Do let me know how you liked the first one, and if there are any places you would like to see added to this list of things to do with kids in Singapore.

The series continues:
Treetop Walk and Trick Eye Museum


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