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Monday, March 27, 2017

2017: Fitness and Focus

3 months of 2017 have already gone by, and this post has been lying in my drafts much too long. Much too late for a resolution, but no harm in aiming at April for a fresh start right ;)?

Last year was my year of #fitbyforty and it felt like I got so much closer to my goal of getting fitter. 2017.. well, not so good so far. Too many small niggles with health and a lack of motivation. Every time I have a slip-up or a gap with working out like this, I can feel the stamina getting lower and it doesn't feel good.

We saw an elderly person in a motorized wheelchair the other day, and I had the following conversation with my 8-year-old athlete:

S: Amma, would you like to use one of those when you get old (he thought it would be like a cool new toy I suppose)
Me: (slightly aghast) No darling! I hope I can be walking around all by myself even when I'm quite old.
S: Oh ok (considering this new light thrown on his simple question)

S: So when you're a 100..
Me: 100?! I don't think I want to live that long baby!
S: Of course you must!
Me: But then you'll end up spending all your time looking after me!
S: That's ok. I'll just tell my teammates that I can only run important races, and will spend the rest of my time looking after you.

Me: (Reminding him that he'll be close to 70 by then, but he is sure he'll still be "racing" around then)

I can feel that as I enter my forties, I am having to work a lot harder to retain a decent level of fitness. I know that strength training is even more important now for bone health after this age. While weight has never been a major issue, there are definitely certain fat deposits that I would like to get rid of. I KNOW all this in my head, so I need do-able workout plans for the rest of this year which will help me be consistent.

This is it. I can feel it. My turning point. My Now or Never. If I don't get my act together and make it happen now, the downslide will begin. Bad knees, joints and other aches and pains will take over. I absolutely do not want to go there, and that will have to be motivation enough.

"Focus" is something I am beginning to think of as my Word of the Year. It definitely doesn't feel like "my" word yet, but it needs to be at least by the time the year ends ;). Not just in fitness, but in so many other parts of life too.

  1. For fitness, I'm going to start small. Aim at doing some form of exercise everyday - It maybe even just a 15 min walk on some days, but I need to set that schedule again and then build on it further. 
  2. Daily planning with the Bullet Journal is something that I have been trying for a while, but have not been consistent with. I even tried using the nicest of planners for motivation, but then I didn't have the heart to write in it too much ;). I am beginning to feel that a weekly format will work better for me, though some details might still need to be on a daily level. I am going to restart with this in April and see where it takes me. Maybe that elusive menu planning will finally make it into my life at last ;).
  3. Life just seems to get really busy with regular weekday and weekend activities and I need a reminder to take time out and explore more around Singapore, and of course as always - take more photos as well! Hoping to set a reminder and do something once a month at the very least , and ideally as a family. With school holidays coming up, there's no better time than April to start. Putting it down here is also good for accountability, so let's see how it goes.

Thanks for reading this far! If you have any fitness or planning tips for me based on your experience, do let me know in the comments.


  1. Okay, first of all, yayyyyyyyyy that you wrote a post. Finally!

    Secondly, that's a beautiful word and knowing you this going to be great to follow. I know focus is perfect because once you set your mind to something, it will happen. Just think Plastic Lite!

    Third, I'm super glad you thought of specific zones for over 40 women. And I'm more than happy to read any tips you can share on the subject. Eagerly looking forward to updates!

    1. Thanks my dear for your amazing support always <3
      I would love to analyze this subject more and share anything I learn from it, will do and thanks for the push :).

  2. Lovely! What works best for women like 'us' is to stop rushing and stop forcing and stop proving. I think that is the BIG differnce in the 30s and the US :) Even if we can start with one little step and maintain that spring in that little step, its more than enough. The spring will sail us through to that 100.

    1. Thanks so much Abha.. yes that's exactly what I need to do without getting frustrated with slow progress. Some progress or even staying in the same place is better than moving backward, need to remind myself of that :).

  3. Tell me about it. Life in the forties is much more challenging. I have been battling hormonal changes, deficiencies and mood swings along with fatigue etc. that hamper regular fitness plans. Yet, I feel that for someone who has been physically activity, one does not completely fall off the wagon.

    One very important factor is a buddy. Do you have a friend, child or husband who shares similar fitness goals? My husband and I do, so there are many times when we walk/jog together. We both have different strength training routines though. I have been reasonably regular these 3 months because somehow exercise gives me strength and a certain calmness. Plan to be more regular this April and May peppered as they are with travel and school holidays. Wish you good luck, Aparna. I am sure you will be back with a bang. Start back small. Trust me, you will be going full steam before you know it.

    1. I am nodding my head to every one of those changes you have mentioned Rachna.. going through a lot of ups and downs with health and it's been super frustrating. The spouse is also into fitness but our schedules don't match easily.. he is an evening person and by then I'm tired out, especially with recent hormone induced fatigue. Plus, similar to what you've mentioned, he's at a totally different level of stamina where strength training is concerned though he keeps trying to convince me otherwise :D.

      Thanks so much for your wishes.. I need all the cheerleaders I can get :). I love to see your fitness posts on your blog or Twitter - always a motivation for me!

  4. In the same stage of life with same plans. Let's see how it goes. Do you keep the diet too?

    1. Hey Shirley, thanks for dropping in :). Diet is sort of ok and reasonably balanced, but could do with some more thought for sure. No resolutions :P.. but hoping to do something about it.

  5. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Like in the 40s. Definitely a lot of dedication required towards health. Last few days, just started a low back pain and that has increased my resolve to exercise regularly. Think the first thing we should do is get comfortable and ergonomic seating. Great to see you committed on your fitness plan !