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Thursday, February 10, 2011

One month countdown..

Just realized that my darling S turns 3 in a month!! Wow where did all the time go -- got so used to telling people 2 years, then 2 and a half, then someone was asking yesterday how old he was and I realized he's nearly 3 already !!

Will it be the end of the terrible twos.. who am I fooling.. it can sometimes lead to the even more terrible threes.. maybe I'll call it the thrilling threes and see how it goes :).. a mom can dream can't I?

Thinking of all the things I want to remember about his todder-hood so here goes
  • He's such a charmer - started talking very early probably cos of big sis' influence - and uses his vocabulary and expressions completely to his benefit. Anyone who comes home falls in love with him :). In his teenage years that trait is going to worry me crazy, but right now it's very very cute !
  • He's a good eater - doesn't fuss much except for "Kaaram"(spiciness) because we are very low on spice in our household. Trying to get him to a medium level of spice, so he can be ready to try all kinds of food, which I think is very important!
  • He knows to identify all the letters and numbers through using a laptop that I actually bought for D. It's got different games, some of which identify the letters and numbers when the keys are pressed. We thought for a long time that he was just fiddling around and listening to the different kinds of noises, but realized later that he had actually picked up all this stuff on his own!!
  • He draws the cutest smiley faces, and already knows that he must colour inside the lines! Not that he actually does it, but he knows that he's supposed to ;).
  • Ability to use gadgets - I wrote a separate post on this Tech Savvy Generation - this is one aspect that amazes me more and more everyday - we recently got an iPod touch - so that the games that the kids loved on the iPhone are accessible to them even when Appa is at work - and both the kids just love it. S retains information about this so well - I showed him how to go to youtube once, and the next time I hear him telling me - I want Waka Waka - go to "U2" !! And then of course he found "U2" himself.. The day he actually learns to string together those letters and type - I'll have to start worrying about what videos he's going to find - thought I would have another 10 years before getting to that stage! But both technology and children are getting more advanced ;).
  • The way he says "I love you sooo much!" at appropriate times - when he sees a soft expression on my face, or on the other hand he's done something and trying to deflect from it ;)
  • How he learns to identify any car after a couple of times of our telling him what it is! He was the one who forced me to look carefully to see what is actually different about each cars, instead of just seeing the name to check what it was :).
  • Baby talk - he insists on saying "Gettupping", he once tried to pronounce "Mitsubishi" and couldn't - so he said "I'm not grown up no - when I grow up I can say it!" - then in 3 days tried again and said "I'm grown up now!" :).
Oooh I'm missing the babyhood already.. On to different experiences, challenges, memories....!


  1. Awww...he is so cute! LOL on 'getupping' - I remember that too!! Sigh...we can't wait for them to grow up and give us some time....but when they do, it's heartbreaking. Good luck for the thrilling threes! Hope it's not TOO thrilling :)

  2. And "takeouting" and "getdowning" :).. Thanks for reading Aparna ! And thanks for the wishes too :)