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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Pretty as a picture!

When is it that children stop fussing about standing still for photos and suddenly start posing for them as professionally as models? I noticed in the last few months, that my darling daughter suddenly started looking so perfectly posed in photos.. as soon as I pick up a camera, she gets a "standard" smile, and stands still till I'm done clicking.. :).. it's just so cute isn't it how they start getting all grown up when we least expect it?

My son - that's a whole different story.. most photos he's turned away from the camera.. he'll smile and wait a couple of seconds, then decide that it's time for something else already :).


  1. oh so cute or should i say pretty! touchwood! My 17 month old already smiles when he sees he's being clicked :-)

  2. sweet she looks and she's so cooperative!

  3. tho tweeth :-)
    this is the age when they give you an un-awkward smile
    and gosh such lovely hair..touch wood.
    I'm waiting for Sonny to stop running up to the camera teh moment i take it out of my bag -- he wants to take pictures!

  4. I think kids these days are quite alert about being photographed. They usually want to see the picture as soon as they hear the camera click! They'r'e going to be pretty puzzled when they see a pre-digital age camera!!

  5. @Uma - thank you :). Good that your toddler seems to have picked up the skill early!

    @Aparna - not always so cooperative for everything else, but for photos yes of course :).

    @Forever Mother - yes the smile looks real - they learn to not do the fake looking smile real fast :). The hair - passed over one generation (ME!) and came to my daughter - good for her, but you won't believe how tangled even silky looking hair can get! On using cameras - see below :)

    @Arvind - this actually happened to us, we saw somebody using one of the old SLRs and both my kids ran up to him saying Show!Show! - they were flabbergasted to not be able to "see" :)! And forget about pre-digital, even my "old" digital camera is so outdated now it's not worth much so instead of disposing it I might as well make it Damita's camera !!