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Thursday, July 07, 2011

An attempt at cheesecake - Part 1

Cheesecake is one of my favourite desserts - sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet, and rich of course :). I love trying out new baking recipes - not very often, just enough times to keep it interesting! My best result so far has been chocolate brownies - it's quite a family favourite. The apple pie was also quite decent the second time I tried it, but that one's a bit too much work so I don't like to make it too often.

I like making/churning butter at home, from the cream taken out from our milk (in an attempt to make the milk or curd a bit more fat-free :)). I usually make ghee out of it (don't tell me about the irony of that - I love my "ney"!).

So this time I decided I am going to try a paneer cheesecake and use the butter for that, and also try to make paneer myself for the very first time. Very surprized by the ease of making paneer, and thrilled with the result. I am planning to try a combination of cream cheese and paneer - saw a cream cheese/ricotta combination - but that was really exorbitant to buy so I am changing it around a bit - let's see how that works.

Part 2 with the actual cheesecake coming soon!


  1. Do tell!! I love cheesecakes too, and would love to get a new recipe for paneer cheesecake! You do all the trial and error and let us know what really works :)

  2. Sure will do that :). Bad timing for me this time - think I got the flavours decently right (considering I changed things around for my pan size as well), but the power played spoilsport and went off 20 mins after it was in the oven :(. Came back after half an hour, and I tried adjusting the times accordingly. It's set decently, but the base has become soggy probably because of the power cut. It's ideally supposed to be 6 hrs in the fridge, but I of course could not bear the suspense and tried to cut a slice after 4 hours ;). Will share the complete recipe in my next post - I got it from Masterchef Australia S3 (I download and watch most of my fav series).

  3. wow..sounds share the recipe...