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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I am finding more and more with D going to school, that I am the one who has to adapt to it way more than she does! You worry and worry that a child is going to find a new environment tough but children definitely are the better adapters anyday! This one is just a total vent vent vent entry - beware ye all who read further!

Getting up early - I still moan about this to one and all who would listen - I am NOT a morning person! I signed up for this with my eyes open, but still I am waiting for the day when I will stop complaining :). I have scary ideas of the future when not 1 but 2 children will be leaving home at 7 am - I will definitely be entirely grey-haired if not completely insane by that time.

Breakfast and Lunch Ideas - I hope I am doing decently in this area, but am dreading the day when D will be completely bored with the current options and I will have to come up with a completely new list! Because of her persistent problem with car sickness I also worry about what kind of food she can eat in the morning (limited to fruits at the moment) before going to school, so am keeping fingers crossed for that problem to settle down so she can have her usual morning glass of milk. Right now, I try to compensate with cheese on some days, and give her a tetrapack to drink with breakfast on others.

Getting stuff organized in advance - From uniforms to homework to miscellaneous stuff like covering of books, making sure that everything is ready the previous day wherever possible. I know that most other moms breeze through stuff like this, but not me! I am sometimes in a panic about getting clothes dry in time in this rainy season (my dryer doesn't help in this because of the material of the uniforms plus worrying about getting them worn out :( ) or even forgetting to pack the water bottle, and then rushing to the bus stop (hubby takes her usually) to get it to her before the bus leaves. Making a checklist helps (provided I remember to look at it!), but still don't feel confident about this stuff - don't know how long that takes!

Sooo many other items - like how to imbibe D with a sense of responsibility and ownership so she doesn't keep leaving stuff behind. She left her lunchbag behind at school (yet again) today and seemed so nonchalant (is that even an adjective I can use about a 6 year old!) that I just completely lost my cool all the way home from the bus stop, and for a couple of hours after reaching home. Just the sort of explosion I have wanted to avoid so much, and had atleast limited to the odd outburst now and then, but this was a full-blown tirade. I KNOW that when I'm just venting my frustration on her, it is very improbable that she's actually getting the message I want her to get, but when I am in the middle of it, I just had no control over it. Pencils and erasers I expected to replace, but lunchbags where I have to now figure out what dabbas to give her stuff for tomorrow just drives me crazy :(.
She had left her homework notebook behind at school the other day and so couldn't do her homework, and I spent the entire day worrying (felt like that anyway) if she would have got scolded for it. In general I have not completely accepted the fact that her world for the hours that she spends in school is completely out of my control. Being used to a scenario where school was 5 minutes away and I was able to pick up the phone and check how she was doing (obviously I didn't do this very often, but on days when she seemed to be upset or sick, I didn't feel out of control).

Hoping it gets easier as we go along, or how am I going to survive 12 years (15 if I count S's schooling!) of this :(


  1. awww...Aparna...HUGS...its OK...
    I too fear all of the above when R starts his playschool...imagine its only playschool..yet..:-)

    ya, even I am not a morning person but R makes sure i get up early in the morning..but making his dabba, getting him ready and sending both the father and son out of the house around the same time is causing me enough anxiety I can surely empathize with your case..

    Don't worry, you're doing well and will do even better ahead..all the best and be ready to give me tips when it is my turn..till then vent it out...:-)

  2. Hey!! It's been only a month or so of big school, hasn't it? So you are quite naturally justified in feeling overwhelmed...don't sure you will settle down real soon and can do the morning routine with your eyes closed :) I think its pretty hard for us to accept that we have no clue/control over what goes on in the school. I feel like that all the time too. But I guess we just have to let go. I'm still in the process, it takes time :)
    The most important thing is that damita seems to be happy and there you have the main battle won.

  3. Hey!! - You won :) Hop on over here -

  4. Hey Aparna..hearty congrats on winning the lovely pouch!..
    very happy for you!

  5. congrats aparna...

  6. You won!!!! So cool!! Congrats :)

  7. @Uma - thank you for being my prompt and understanding reader as ever :). Sorry my reply comes a bit late - still in the overwhelmed mode as D has been sick since Sunday :(. For once I feel bad that she hasn't been able to go to school! Hopefully back tomorrow. And I must thank you for introducing me to Simran's page in the first place !! :).

    @Aparna - thank you! Keeping fingers crossed that my body clock will somehow adjust to this schedule soon! And the lack of control - sigh I just have to get used to it i guess!

    @Simran - thanks once again for your lovely giveaway!

    @Nisha - thanks!

  8. @Aparna - we seem to be online at the same time, thank you!
    P.S: Was wondering why I was getting a mail notification for my own comment - then realized it was yours :).