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Friday, July 15, 2011

Learning to be Consistent :)

I keep reading whenever I look at parenting gyaan all over the place that we need to be "consistent" - in our dealings with the children ( something that hubby also used to keep telling me when i never used to enforce any of my scary consequences :) ). Of course that meant that I now try not to hold anything over the kids' heads and try to be consistent in what I say or do .. but who knew I would get a lesson from the youngest member of my family!

A few days back, at dinnertime, S had left some pasta on his plate and told me (I was sitting a few feet away) that he had finished and went and washed hands etc, and was going about his activities. After a few minutes when I went to clear the plate, I was very upset, scolded him, and told him to finish the food.

This morning, I had given him upma which I usually make into small balls so he eats it himself. Had a bit of a doubt if I'd given him too large a portion, then decided it's ok and waited to see if he would eat it. It was nearly time to leave for school, and I found 5 balls of upma still left behind. S's stomach looking quite full, and he gave a little burp, so I thought he'd had enough and said
"It's ok darlin' - let's get ready and go to school."
And he says:
"But that day when I left the pasta, you were angry with me!!"

That should surely teach me to be consistent and definitely to more careful with my portions LOL !!!!


  1. Good one! It is sooo difficult to be consistent.

  2. very true..issues cannot be tackled on absolute terms..

  3. Kids are so observant and give it back to us when it is least expected!!!!!
    huh!!! Learning never ends with Parenting...

  4. Aparna, Uma, Sudha - thanks for reading :)