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Monday, July 25, 2011


D: Amma, do ghosts exist?

Me(wondering where it's leading to): No baby, there is nothing like ghosts - people just scare you about it simply!

D: Then if they don't exist, why is there a word "Ghost" ?

Me: ?!!!!

How can a parent ever be completely prepared ? :).


  1. Anonymous10:16 PM

    LOL!!! I am looking forward to days like this :)
    You have been tagged. Details here - - simran

  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!
    Oh my God! I what a question. I really dread those days. They aren't far.. :D

  3. LOLOL..D is smart!
    well D, the word is there so that it can be used to scare people who believe in ghosts...err Aparna, any qs to the above answer, please take it up..:-)

  4. @Simran and Sahana - You will have great fun as well as great "Oh my God" moments at that age :). Wishing you many of both!!

    @Uma - That's a great suggestion - will surely try it out soon and let you know the result!