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Monday, October 17, 2011

Cookies - my first go!

In my quest for a healthy baking recipe, I came across this very interesting looking Whole Wheat Cookie Recipe a little while ago and knew I had to try it out!

It's a Whole Wheat Oats Chocolate Chip Cookie and I was pretty happy with the results of my first try! Still needs a bit of tweaking - for e.g. I hardly had the patience to make 1 tbsp portions of dough for each cookie, but that would obviously make them smaller and therefore reduce the baking time to 12-15 minutes as mentioned in the recipe. As I made them slightly larger I had to keep them in for 20 minutes to get them to  this look. Another thing I sometimes have a problem with is that no recipe tells you the simple stuff - like which level of the oven you should put the tray in - I tried the first time with 2 trays, and the bottom one was very un-done and had to be put in again for a while. Putting just one tray in at a time (on the top level) limits the number of cookies I can make at one go (I have a small oven) so I have to do it multiple times to get through the quantity given in the recipe.

I was very happy with the ingredients (will try without the baking soda also to see how that changes things - that's one of my least favourite ingredients!) - not too much butter and sugar, LOTS of oats and  whole wheat (chocolate chips I didn't use as much as in the recipe but they do add a nice touch ;)) - need to find more recipes like this one !


  1. hey those are awesome looking sure they would have tasted awesome too..
    am also a stickler for healthy ingredients and always looking to reduce the "fatty" and "unhealthy" stuff in such recipes..:-)
    congo on ur first attempt!

  2. Wow! how i wash there was e-tasting too.. :P
    Looks so tempting! And healthy too. Would love to try this.

  3. yemmmy yemmy yem
    now i want all those cookies...what a coincidence, yesterday a colleague made the same cookies and brought them to work! Today I want yours Whaaaaaaaa why do u live on the other end of town?????

  4. @Uma - Thank you :), this is one recipe that makes me feel not so guilty about baking, otherwise most of my brownies or cheesecake leaves me with some pangs and I end up trying to monitor consumption!

    @Sahana - Thanks that's sweet of you :) Did you see the photos on the original recipe I took it from - she seems to be really great at food photography - I am totally in awe.

    @Forever Mother - Thank you thank you! I will plan to bake the cookies for that sometime in the future meet up that we have to plan :).