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Monday, October 24, 2011

Krya Review

I have just started using this eco-friendly organic detergent called "Krya" - made out of soapberries. Ever since I jumped into the composting scene, I have wanted more and more to try green options for things like household cleaning activities (their site also has a great document about DIY household cleaners :)).

So here are my first impressions:

1. The quantity of the powder needed (1 tbsp = 10g) is much lesser than what we would use for any other powder like Surf Excel Washing Machine powder(60g). So the 400 gm pack should ideally last for 40 washes which seems a good deal for Rs. 290 :). I wondered if the amount is too less for a full 5 kg wash but seems to do fine :).

2. The cloth pouch provided is very handy for use in the washing machine. I was a bit concerned if it would be too flimsy or would open up too easily, but this is surely not the case.

3. Above all, the clothes get very effectively cleaned :). I should not have been doubtful about this since soapberries are older than detergent powders ;), but still there's always that hesitation factor for a new product. Now, the hesitation is all gone!
I have not yet tried with very badly soiled clothes, but it is already advised to soak clothes like these for a little while before running them in the machine. Overall I felt the clothes came out feeling softer than they do with my usual detergent, and I felt no strong odour that I would need to put an additional softening/perfuming agent for.

Great going Preethi and Srinivas - looking forward to the rest of your product list too !!

Click here to order Krya online.


  1. Hey Aparna, I've been too preoccupied with personal stuff lately, so couldn't drop by and read your posts as much I'd like, after diwali is over and the dust settles, I'll be back to read all the posts I've missed... :-)
    I liked this post, and your enthusiasm for going green is actually inspiring me to do more.. :-)

  2. Hey Aparna, thanks for posting this. In fact just a couple of weeks ago I was trying to see of there are any organic detergents and cleaning products online. So your post is quite timely. They seem reasonably priced and I noticed free shipping (yay!) so I am defly going to try it out. Thanks again and more power to your greening efforts this year :)

  3. oh this sounds great..
    bookmarking the link..thanks:-)

  4. Aparna,
    Thank you for this wonderful review. Srini and I were so thrilled to read this!

    And thank you AAD / Aparna and Uma - we are thrilled that what we do resonates with you guys as well!

  5. AAD, Aparna, Uma, Preethi - thank you for your kind words :). I have really been so bitten by the green bug it seems, and it's here to stay!!

  6. HI aps...
    Thanks for your post...I dont know if the USA has such products..shishir has very bad dry skin eczema condition and I have totally stopped using detergents...I just put in a hot water cycle.With KRYa i think, it might be one of the things I might actually carry from India for a year:) ! also I forwarded KRYA's link to my SIL as my niece is also having eczema !
    Thank you

  7. Hey Sudha - that's great if you found it of help :).

    You can check with Preethi on their FB page - maybe they have shipping to the US too ;).

  8. that was a very good review. Will surely help. Thanks Aparna.
    How do you manage time to get access to internet? I quit my job, I am taking care of the kid now. I hardly get time to access net :(
    This job never finishes unlike office. By the time the kid sleeps., I will be completely exhausted!

  9. @Sahana - no wonder I've not seen too many posts from you lately! Some days I actually don't put the laptop on in the morning cos I feel that once it's on I tend to spend too much time on it. Overall my secret is *I was never a great housekeeper so don't feel too guilty about it* LOL :).

  10. Hi apster, did my first washload with krya today, turned out great! Thanks for the reco :)