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Friday, October 28, 2011

Still Green :)

Here's a kitchen garden and composting update !

 My tiny saplings are now well-grown plants :). Though I know tomato is one of the easiest plants to grow, it is still a thrill to see so many tomatoes on the plants. Waiting eagerly for them to become a bit redder so they can be harvested. Lots of rasam and tomato chutneys in my future!

 The brinjal plants had some problems with worms on the leaves, but are doing well, and today we made sambhar with my first harvest :).
My first batch of nearly done compost - this is sieved and just about ready to use. Apparently the most brilliant thing to do is to put some earthworms in it and leave them in for a week to 10 days. I'm just bracing myself for this, as I have no excuses to NOT do it (feeling squeamish is not an excuse ;)) - have the earthworms in my pots/ground anyway and it would be crazy to not try it out. I have access to this wealth of information from so many veterans out there - thank you Facebook!


  1. awesome looking tomatoes and brinjals..way to go girl!
    are your neighbours green with envy??

  2. "feeling squeamish is not an excuse" Gosh you're brave. Wish I had a bit of your green thumb. Your greens turn me greeeeen.

  3. LOL Uma, who interacts with neighbours nowadays ;). More neighbourly sentiments from fellow bloggers - I guess that's the way of the world :).

  4. Obsessivemom, I don't have too much of a green thumb actually, am trying to develop it though :).

    The earthworm thing - totally bracing myself - just another step from small creepy crawlies that do get in during composting to these much bigger ones ;) - or atleast so i'm hoping.

  5. My god!!!!!
    This is amazing...bowing down to u in total awe man!!!
    I mean green detergent, growing ur own veggies..I swear I join the others here in declaring that I'm J too, big time.
    Jokes apart, I really appreciate your effort, patience and most importantly DESIRE to do these things. Very often we know so much, yet hesitate to bring some changes into our lives.
    Cheers man...but I'm feeling so left behind :-(

  6. hey Forever Mother... late late reply to your comment :(.. sorry don't know how i missed replying at the time!

    Thanks so much :) And no reason to be left behind, let me know if you're interested in starting something and we can figure something out!