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Friday, October 14, 2011

Dove Says Hello !

I got an email through Indiblogger about a free gift hamper from Dove with products from their new Nourishing Oil Care Range. I clicked the given link, which asked to login to Indiblogger and then said "You will receive the hamper shortly". Did not expect anything to actually happen, but surprize surprize I received it yesterday!

If anyone of you is interested, and you are a member of Indiblogger, go to:

It seems to be really as easy as that! No strings attached, you don't have to review it, blog about it, publicize it ;). I'm only writing about it because I think my blogger friends could make use of it if they want to. 


  1. hey that's pretty cool..congrats!
    these days getting something without any strings attached is so rare that it is hard to believe..:-)
    pity am not a member of indiblogger :-(

  2. Uma, While trying to check out this link before writing this post, I assumed it would find duplicate entries but I once again saw "You will receive your hamper shortly" !! So if that extra one does arrive, I would be happy to hand it over to you when we manage to meet up :) !

  3. oh how sweet of you to say that Aparna..:-)

  4. Hey aparna, thanks for the tip. I am a sucker for freebies and also an indiblogger member so am expecting my gift hamper any day now :) thanks again!

  5. @Uma - Glad to :) will give us an excuse to meet earlier too !

    @Aparna - Yay that's good. Yes me too just went and clicked without even really seeing what exactly the product range is about ;). First time I got something free so am quite thrilled! Looks interesting, and free me aaya to try karne me kya jaata hai ?!